It’s come to that time of year when students return to or start their life at university.  For many this is a very exciting time.  If you are a cyclist going to uni it doesn’t have to mean you can’t ride your bike.  In fact we would recommend you make the most of the next few years and ride as much as you can!  Not only is cycling a great form of transport to get you to and from your lectures, it is also a fantastic way to keep you fit.  Here are 3 of our top tips for cyclists who are heading off to university.


Lock In

When riding around and parking your bike on campus we recommend carrying a good lock with you.  Our favourite locks are by Kryptonite.  Having a lock is great for piece of mind and they do help prevent theft.  Although this isn’t a nice thing to think about, unfortunately bikes are very popular at the moment and you want to protect your bike.  The best way to lock up your bike is to wrap the lock through the wheel, frame and around an immovable object.  Many universities provide bike lockers or cycling areas which are a good place to keep your bike secure.

Kryptonite Lock


Have Fun

A great way to make new friends whilst at university is by meeting like minded people who also love to cycle.  Check to see if your university has a cycling club as many do.  You can also look on the British Cycling website for registered clubs in your area.  If you are in the Bradford area we sponsor VC Bradford cycling club and we are always willing to help people who are new to the sport or racing cyclists who are studying.  Most students have more spare time than those who are working so our advice is to make the most of this.  Through the day the roads can often be quieter, plus it’s good to make use of your free time as when you leave uni you may struggle to add in those longer training rides.

Join a cycling club - VC Bradford


Party On

Most students like to party whilst at uni and if you are living away from home you may not always eat or drink your healthiest!  We are all for having a good time, although if you want your training to pay off it is important to have a balanced diet.  If you do overindulge on the alcohol ensure you replace minerals and electrolytes the next day, especially if you then go for a bike ride.  We like to use Nuun Hydration to help us with our electrolyte replacement, you add their tablets to water so they are really simple to use.

Nuun Hydration


These are just 3 of our tips for any cyclists at university.  It’s important to enjoy your studies, your social life and of course your cycling.


If you have any tips for students who love to cycle comment below!