Founded in 1885 Bianchi is one of the oldest, most prestigious and sought after bike brands in the world.  An Italian brand, Bianchi are driven by quality, high performance and prestige.  We are thrilled to be stockists of Bianchi bikes.
Bianchi Vertigo, Bradford Bike Shop, UK
Bianchi offers a complete range of bikes for the road, MTB, city and hybrids.  Bianchi bikes come in different materials including steel, aluminium, titanium and carbon.  Bianchi is a world famous bike brand and we are now stocking the range at our shop in Bradford, UK.
Bianchi are known for their unique, celeste paint colour – However you can get many of the models in other colours too!
Bianchi Intenso, Bradford Bike Shop, UK
During the summer our Managing Director, Paul, travelled to Italy to test ride the new Specialissima – He said it was a beautiful bike to ride!
Bianchi Specialissimo Bike Bianchi Specialissimo Bike
We have a number of models on display and we can easily and quickly order your Bianchi today.  For more information please contact us or call into our shop.
Watch this video and see what took the Bianchi Specilissima into the RoadCylingUK’s 100 Hottest Cycling Products of 2016!