Summer is almost here and it’s time to make sure your bike is as ready for summer as you are.  There is nothing better than riding your bike out on the open roads when the sun is shining!

To ensure your summer rides are the best they can be we have a few tips to get your bike ready for summer and looking good!

Of course, we think the best summer bikes are those which are brand new and we highly recommend our beautiful DeRosa and Bianchi bikes to fulfil all your cycling dreams.  If you are using a slightly older bike then by following our guide your bike will feel almost as good as new.

Clean It

If your bike has been in storage over the winter months we would recommend giving it a good clean.  You can use a specific bike cleaner such as MucOff to get rid of any dirt and grime left over from last summer.  Spray your bike with the cleaner and then using water give it a good rinse, finally wipe it down with a clean cloth.

Lube It

After you have given your bike a good clean we next recommend ensuring you lubricate and oil all moving parts on the bike.  You can use a spray, such as TF2 on most of the components such as cables, pivots and gears.  This will lubricate, protect and clean.  Ensure you avoid spraying this on the wheels or brake blocks.  Finally oil the chain.  This way you know everything should be in good working order and won’t seize up or rust after you have cleaned your bike.  You should continue to lubricate your bike regularly throughout summer to keep all the components in good working order.

Bike Ready for summer

Blow Up The Tyres

This may seem an obvious one after your bike has been stood for months but it is surprising how many bikes come into our shop with low tyre pressures.  The sidewall on your tyre will tell you the optimum and maximum tyre pressures.  For a road bike we would usually aim for 100psi.  The best and most effective way to put the right amount of air into your tyres is with a track pump.  It is easy and a good track pump will last for years!

Change The Tape

The easiest way to freshen up a bike is to fit some new bar tape.  Bar tape easily gets grubby as you are always holding the handlebars.  It’s amazing how some nice, clean, new tape makes a bike look so different.  We love white tape as it looks great on most bikes but if you have a specific colour scheme you are following you can always find the tape to match.

Bike Ready for summer

Saddle Up

Another easy way to make your bike feel different from last year is by fitting a new saddle.  Again saddles get a lot of wear and can get scuffed from leaning your bike.  We love the Fi’zi:k saddles as they offer something for every flexibility, provide comfort and look good.  With a new, comfortable saddle you will feel confident to ride further, better and faster!

Fizik bianchi saddle - Ready for summer

So, these are our 5 tips to get your bike ready for summer!  We are already increasing our mileage and can’t wait for some nice, long rides in the sun with members of V.C.Bradford!

Are you and your bike ready for summer?