Winter is getting closer and fortunately so far this year the weather has been mild but it’s not the time to get complacent.  Here at Pennine Cycles we recommend this is the best time to make sure your bike is fully ready for the cold, winter months.

Ways To Get Your Bike Ready For Winter

First and foremost a winter frame is very important.  By having a winter bike which takes mudguards you will prolong the life of your ‘best bike’ so it doesn’t get ruined by the rain and salt on the roads over the winter months.

At Pennine Cycles we can offer you a number of winter frame and complete bike options.  We are proud to continue to make our Pennine frames on the premises in Bradford, UK.  This means we can add whatever you need onto your bike including mudguard eyes.  We also create our own Cycles Pennine bikes, again the aluminium frames can come with mudguard fittings.  Finally we are proud to be new stockists of the DeRosa brand and their Milanino frames are suitable for the winter as an all round bike.


As mentioned above mudguards are really important during the winter months.  They protect your bike from the salt and grit which gets put out on the road.  Mudguards also protect you and your fellow riders from getting too wet on a rainy day.  We can fit mudguards to your bike in our workshop, to book your bike in please get in touch.

SKS Mudguards for Winter


As the mornings get lighter later and the evenings get darker it’s important to fit lights to your bike.  These days lights are highly affordable, very bright and it helps allow motorists and fellow cyclists to see you in advance.  We love lights which are USB rechargeable too.

Put Lights on your bike this winter


Due to the change of weather it’s important to make sure you have the best tyres to grip the road on wet and icy days.  We recommend Continental tyres to fit to your winter wheels.

Continental Winter Tyres

These are just 3 of our tips to make sure your bike is prepared for those cold winter months.  To purchase any products featured or to gain further information please contact us or call into our shop.