Last night was the Bronte Wheelers 22 Mile ‘Duck Pond’ time trial. So named (unsurprisingly) due to the duck pond that’s midway round the course.

The course is an extension of the weekly Kildwick 10 mile TT and mixes the faster ‘normal’ main roads with some more technical, rolling back-roads. Instead of turning at the end of the bypass at the top Skipton TI you head up the (pretty horrible) drag to the Skipton/Grassington TI and off towards Grassington. This road is rolling with the odd rise and deep, but it’s not until you reach Rylstone (the duck pond), take a left and head through Hetton towards Gargrave that things get much more technical. This road is frequented by the weekly café racing and is rolling with some tight bends and pretty uneven surfaces in places. Once back to Gargrave you’re along the main road back to the top Skipon TI and heading back to Kildwick.

Bronte Wheelers 22 Mile ‘Duck Pond’  TT

Bronte Wheelers 22 Mile ‘Duck Pond’ TT

The conditions were pretty good, although the wind had got up more than in recent days. There was never really a major headwind, save maybe the short section from Rylstone to Hetton, but equally we never really got much assistance. For a lot of the circuit it was a pretty annoying cross-wind. That said it wasn’t that bad and conditions could certainly have been worst; thankfully it was pretty warm and the threatened shower stayed away.

With the longer distance and the fact that Otley Cycle Races were taking place the turn-out was a little lower than normal, but there were still 16 riders. In fact there were 4 VC Bradford members, which was a good turn-out.  Everyone rode well, but particularly well done to Pete Martin on his first ever TT.

  • Alex Barusevicus – 1:02:11
  • Pete Martin – 1:02:06
  • Darren Caines – 1:00:15
  • Me (Steve Ayes) – 51:59

Overall my 51:59 was fastest, Ian Wilcock (Nelson Wheelers) was second with 54:12 and Adrian Jones (PH Mas) was third with 54:59. I was pleased to just scrape the 25mph average on what is definitely not a fast course; there’s always room for improvement though and I felt I didn’t ride the section from Rylstone back to Gargrave that well really.

Thanks to Bronte Wheelers (the host club) and I’m sure I speak for all the riders in sincerely thanking John Wray, who ran the whole show and even managed to push-off whilst time keeping! John was also the British Cycling Commissaire for the VC Bradford road race Sunday just gone, so many thanks also for that.

Well now we have the small matter of the TDF in town at the weekend then I’m off on holiday for some sun for a few days (wohooo), so something of a mini mid-season break….. Back soon 🙂

The Strava action is here for those inclined.

Full Results:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,Steve Ayres,Pennine/VC Bradford,51:59
2,Ian Wilcock,Nelson,54:12
3,Adrian Jones,PH Mas,54:59
4,Ben Cook,Bronte,55:46
5,Paul Clegg,Leeds/Bradford Tri,55:47
6,Steve Lloyd,Skipton,56:47
7,Karl Rutins,Skipton,57:00
8,Steve Moorhouse,Nelson,57:06
9,Darren Caines ,Pennine/VC Bradford,1:00:15
10,Kali Exley,Craven Energy,1:00:22
11,Pete Martin,Pennine/VC Bradford,1:02:06
12,Alex Barusevicus ,Pennine/VC Bradford,1:02:11
13,Joe Greaves,Bronte,1:02:54
14,Jayne Butterworth,Skipton,1:05:55
15,Gary Harris,Pendle Forest,1:11:04
16,Bernard Clayton,Pendle Forest,1:12:04