Elite Endurance Range

Using cutting edge sports science with the best ingredients, CNP provide you with the best in sports nutrition.

CNP are the official sponsors of British Cycling and Team Sky.

Our Favourites

CNP_Hydro_Max_GelElite Hydro Max Gel

Pineapple fruit juice mixed with coconut water, for use during your workout.  This has been developed for those who can struggle with traditional gels.  £2.00

CNP_Gel_MaxElite Gel Max

Available in 2 flavours, Chocolate Orange and Victory, these gel’s are to be used during exercise for optimum performance.  Contain caffeine for that extra boost!  £1.60

CNP_GelElite Gel

Available in Black Cherry or Orange and Manderin the Elite Gel’s are designed to help improve your performance during exercise.  £1.30

CNP_Energy_TubElite Energy

An isotonic drink to be used during your workout.  Electrolytes help to replace the fluids and salts lost during exercise.  Available in Lemon Lime, Tropical and Mixed Berry.  £25.00

CNP_Energy_BarElite Energy Bar

Containing a premium blend of high quality carbohydrates to provide sustained energy during exercise.  They also make a great tasting snack for health conscious athletes on the move.  Available in Banana or Berry.  £1.40

CNP_FlapjackElite Flapjack

To be used before, during or after exercise as a tasty snack.Available in Lemon Meringue, Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and Cherry Almond.  £1.50

CNP_Recovery_BarElite Recovery Bar

High in protein, delicious and a chewy crisp snack.  Ideal for post-workout recovery.  Available in Chocolate or Caramel.  £3.00

CNP_BottleElite Water Bottle

550ml ideal for mixing your CNP Elite Energy Drink in! £6.00


Our Recent Visit to CNP and Manchester Velodrome

To see some pictures of Paul and Caroline’s recent visit to the CNP Factory and a ride at Manchester Track click here