Get the Grip

Continental tyres are handmade in Germany.  They are our go to tyres for safety, durability and look.

Continental tyres are great for all cycling including competition, road, MTB, turbo training, cyclo-cross and touring,

Our Favourites

Conti_Attack_ForceGrand Prix Attack/Force

Continential’s unique technologies have been radically applied to this uncompromising race tyre set. The optimum front wheel tyre gets you quickly into the turns, feeling light and responsive whilst providing ample service life. Whilst the rear wheel tyre the Force is a powerful and with its 24 mm section width provides excellent traction and road handling that’s second to none. Both tyres are made with Vectran™ puncture protection and show wear and tear levels via indicators in the tread details that show professionals are at work.

Conti_4SeasonGrand Prix 4 Season

Thanks to its DuraSkin™ anti-tear fabric the Grand Prix 4-Season holds up under extreme conditions. In the Paris – Roubaix race the Hell of the North cyclists equipped with DuraSkin™ enhanced tyres have the fewest tyre related problems during the race. Incorporating Continental’s special wear resistant carbon compound, the tyre is characterized by very good mileage performance as well as excellent adhesion, on wet roads and at low temperatures. With the 23mm 25mm and 28mm versions the Grand Prix 4-Season makes it possible to select the right tyre for you. 

Conti_4000sGrand Prix 4000s

The Grand Prix 4000s boasts global appeal as the best all round race bike tyre on the market. Not only is it fast and super grippy but it is also tough with a healthy tread layer and Continentals Vectran™ anti puncture breaker layer underneath. So for reliability longevity and all out performance for your race machine the GP 4000s is the only choice.

Conti_TandCTown and Country

Town and Country tyres provide high mileage puncture resistance and low rolling resistance make for a more comfortable ride when out on the streets,