This week our director, Sandra, is taking part in the Trigger Your Blog 7-day blogging challenge,  Today she is continuing with this, sharing a post about someone who inspired her.

There are so many people who I have met over the years who have inspired me and are unsung heroes.  There is one person who has inspired me more than anyone, she was my mum.

My mum. Elsie, is someone I aspire to be. Born in County Durham in 1911, she started working at the age of 14 when she went into compulsory service, moving to both Brighton and London as a teenager.  She was such a hard worker and worked continuously until she finally retired when she was 73.  I didn’t realise it at the time but she really was an entrepreneur, well before I’d ever heard the word used. Even after her retirement, she would knit slippers and bags to sell.  I guess that’s one reason I have a love of being in business myself.

Cycling at 90

I shared previously how I began my cycling life at cyclo-cross races.  My mum came with us to many of the races, travelling all around the country.  She also became very passionate about cycling over the years. She would even write to the local press when ‘warriors in lycra’ were criticised!

My mum knew who all the cyclists were in the Grands Tours. One year she went on holiday to Spain and came back with photos she had taken when she came across a cycle race.

On her 90th birthday, she was in the local newspaper, pictured on her exercise bike which she used every day in her flat.  It was a great way for her to stay active and good for her mind too.

An inspiration

My tip to you all is to cherish your mum while you have her.