On Saturday I ventured up to the old A1 just North of Ripon for the Drighlington BC 25.

It was my first ride on the V231 course, which is generally considered to be a reasonably quick one. It’s certainly a pretty straight forward one at any rate and the surface is good for the most part. The HQ was at the Quernhow Café, which is actually on the course itself. I set off from home in plenty of time and taped the postcode into my newly acquired sat-nav; all was going nicely on the drive up until, for some inexplicable reason I decided that I knew best and started to ignore the directions the nice lady was shouting at me. By the time I arrived I only had 35 minutes before my start time. I’ve really got to start trusting the thing!

Now I’m no expert on truckers café’s, but I’m pretty sure the Quernhow Café would rank right up there with the best of them! The toilets were something a little special!


The nicely full start list was cut somewhat short by the number of DNS’s. I’d like to think that they all had some important business to attend to, but clearly they were all being soft about the weather!

Anyway onto the ride itself! Well it was wet, seriously wet! As I rolled out from under the bridge where the start was located and onto the road I began to question my sanity as I was instantly drenched in places I didn’t even know I had! It was also pretty windy and I’d calculated that most of the outward leg would have wind assistance, so I tried to make the best of it, but I wasn’t getting very far; at times the rain was making it genuinely hard to see. When I reached the turn-around I was barely on target to go under the hour and generally feeling pretty demoralised. In truth I’d consigned myself to a good training ride. However, as I begun the return leg I realised that my calculation had been plain wrong and that I was actually going to get some help on the way back. Coupled with a break in the weather I began to move along fairly well.

In the end I turned in a time of 57:47, which wasn’t so bad.  Blaine Metcalf (Team Swift) won the event with a time of 55:29. Looking back had I actually pulled my finger out a bit more on the outward leg instead of wallowing in self-pity I might actually have gone a bit quicker, but it’s all part of the learning curve! When I got back to the car and changed I was actually able to wring my skin suit out and had to drain a small amount of water out of my frame!

As usual many thanks to the great organisation and marshalling, which was top-notch. Being an early started I also got a full crack at the cakes after which was nice!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) there were no photographers out, which would have been futile anyway, so below is a snap of the HQ trackers café on a somewhat better day!


Full Results:
[table width=”80%” align=”center”]Position,Rider,Club,Time

1,Blaine Metcalf,Team Swift,00:55:29
2,Andy Fuller,GS Metro,00:56:06
3,Michael Cross,Yorkshire Road Club,00:56:13
4,Nev Martin,Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue CC,00:56:16
5,Stewart Pickard,Bridlington CC,00:56:54
6,Mark Harrison,Houghton CC,00:57:01
7,Robin Brenan,Preston CC,00:57:02
8,Gareth Metcalf,Otley CC,00:57:04
9,Mark Haydock,North Lancs RC,00:57:26
10,Tim Humphries,Team Swift,00:57:33
11,Andrew Pearson,Huddersfield Star Whs,00:57:34
12,Steven Gore Browne,Team Swift,00:57:43
13,Stephen Ayres,VC Bradford,00:57:47
14,Mark Johnson,Yorkshire Road Club,00:58:06
15,Mark Webb,Preston CC,00:58:53
16,Stuart Watson,Colomba Cycle Club,00:59:06
17,Matthew Wilde,Huddersfield Star Wheelers,00:59:07
18,Richard Hey,Holme Valley Whs,00:59:20
19,Paul Johnstone,Preston CC,00:59:21
20,Roy Burne,Team Swift,00:59:32
21,David Leckenby,Ilkley CC,00:59:33
22,Richard Howe,Teesdale CRC,01:00:33
23,Chris Glass,Cestria Cycles RT,01:01:10
24,Richard Durham,Team Swift,01:02:06
25,Martin Gargett,Halifax Imperial Whs,01:02:06
26,Andrew Taylor,Preston CC,01:02:39
27,Rob Hatfield,Calder Clarion,01:03:27
28,Thomas Webber,Drighlington BC,01:03:29
29,Robert Barnard,Team Cystic Fibrosis,01:03:31
30,Simon Hudson,Harrogate Nova CC,01:03:47
31,Tony Stott,Westbrook Cycles,01:03:47
32,Bev Blakeman,Derwentside CC,01:04:11
33,Neil Fort,Preston Whs,01:05:35
34,Allen Bell,Yorkshire RC,01:05:35
35,Brit Tate,gbcycles.co.uk,01:05:39
36,Denis Thompson,West Pennine RC,01:05:57
37,Sebastian Pickard,Bridlington CC,01:06:04
38,James George,Huddersfield Star Whs,01:06:13
39,Theresa Taylor,Preston CC,01:06:15
40,Andrew Lee,Wetherby Wheelers C.C.,01:06:27
41,Charles Scurr,Hartlepool CC,01:06:56
42,Alison Sarmiento,Harrogate Nova CC,01:07:05
43,Paul Lee,Calder Clarion,01:07:35
44,Robert Tate,Leeds Westfield CC,01:08:24
45,Joe Varga,City RC (Hull),01:09:04
46,Mike Cole,Huddersfield RC,01:09:12
47,Peter Yates,Otley CC,01:10:30