How wet!!!! My 5th TT in 7 days somehow turned out to be my best.

On Saturday (02/08) I headed up to the Drighlington CC Open 25. I’ve raced in the area three times so far this season and each time I’ve sworn that the rain couldn’t get any harder than the previous time. Rain was forecast, but boy did it come down heavy!

The course was actually altered to avoid the increasingly busy A61/A1(M) TI. I can’t say I was sorry about that; I’ve not particularly liked that TI on my last couple of visits. The new course does two laps along the old A1 crossing just one interim TI on the way. Of course what that does mean is that you have to make 4 turns, which isn’t the fastest, but the course is pretty flat, with just the odd rise and the road surface is generally excellent.

Drighlington CC 25

Drighlington CC 25

I was the penultimate starter on the day and as I sheltered under a bridge (fortunately close to the start) from that type of rain that comes down so hard it then bounces back to the sky I questioned my sanity and general purpose in life. I was talking to a guy who had more or less been roped into riding as the host club didn’t have a rider, it was his first 25 and I would guess he wont’ be rushing to do another!

As I pulled off the rain did ease a little, but the first 15 minutes were seriously wet. With the rain the wind had actually dropped a little, but as the rain eased the wind picked up again. Although not an exact head/tail wind we were pretty much getting blown along for the 1st and 3rd quarters and fighting the pretty stiff wind for the 2nd and 4th quarters.

I ended with a time of 56:16, which is a 25 PB. Given how many races I’d done recently and the weather I was a little surprised, but happy with it all the same. I have a couple of 25 mile TT’s booked on the truly fast courses later this season, so fingers crossed for good weather on those days.

The forecast and a certain 25 mile national championships the day after resulted in plenty of DNS’s and absentees, but 38 riders still rode what was a great event. On the day Simon Beldon was fastest with 54:36, Kris Atkins followed him with 55:27 and David Crawley was third with 55:36.

Many thanks to Drighlington CC and a very special mention to the marshalls who stood in some atrocious conditions along route so that we could ride ‘hat’s off’!!

Strava action here.


[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,Simon Beldon,00:54:36
2,Kris Atkins,00:55:27
3,David Crawley,00:55:36
4,Duncan Mullier,00:56:08
5,Ian Holmes,00:56:09
6,Simon Clark,00:56:31
7,Stephen Ayres,00:56:16
8,Steve Fullerton,00:56:38
9,Peter Leonard,00:57:54
10,Andrew Branston,00:58:28
11,Andrew Whitehead,00:58:32
12,Roy Burne,00:59:00
13,Richard Ulleker,00:59:16
14,Roy Flanagan,01:00:37
15,Christopher Wood,01:00:38
16,David Uttley,01:01:19
17,Paul Breirley,01:02:09
18,Mike Williams,01:02:10
19,Steven Rhodes,01:02:41
20,Mark Burtonshaw,01:03:20
21,Rich Hunt,01:03:37
22,Ian Garbutt,01:03:40
23,Robert Barnard,01:04:16
24,Mike Drake,01:04:20
25,Tony Stott,01:04:28
26,Mathew Cutler,01:04:46
27,Ian Castle,01:05:26
28,M A Philipson,01:05:50
29,Mathew Cutler,01:06:18
30,Peter Macklam,01:06:41
31,Richard Crawley,01:08:02
32,Peter Glover,01:09:08
33,Jason Wyatt,01:09:10
34,Dave Jenkinson,01:09:26
35,Carl Saint,01:12:38
36,Mike Cole,01:13:19
37,Christopher Beetham,01:15:43
38,Ala Jackson,01:18:58