I was a little slack with my blogging over the weekend, so this one is a double header!

Holme Valley Wheelers 25

I may have been a little slow due to the generally forgettable nature of Saturday’s race. The Holme Valley Wheelers 25 was on the V231 course along the old A1 near Ripon. It’s a relatively quick/flat course with a generally very good surface, but as with my last visit to it a couple of weeks ago the weather gods were not kind at all. Some torrential rain coupled with a very stiff headwind on the way out and a tailwind that I didn’t seem to be able to make enough use of coming back meant that I limped in just under the hour with a time of 59:43. I’ve not seen the full results as yet, but I did note down the first and second placed riders, who were head and shoulders above the rest; Andy Jackson (Team Swift) returned in 52:55 and Keith Murray (Ferryhill Whs / Mountain High) did 53:29. Both were amazing rides given the conditions, I notice that both riders have a few years on me as well, so there’s time for me yet! I think I probably finished just outside the top 10. The weather obviously put a good few off as there were plenty of DNS’s, but I think around 50 riders rode.

Despite the effort you always get an extra good feeling back home when you’ve struggled through some tough conditions.  It was actually so wet that my Garmin leaked and started displaying gibberish half way through, thus there’s no Strava ride for this one. Thankfully an overnight in front of the dehumidifier and all was fixed. I need to get one of those funky rubber covers!

Many thanks to Holme Valley Wheelers and all the associated helpers. It was a tough event to ride and I can imagine it was probably even tougher to marshall in the nasty weather. The dedication and effort people put in to such events never ceases to amaze!


Bronte Wheelers (Cattle Crossing) Hilly 25

Last night was a break from the ‘normal’ Kildwick 10 with Bronte Wheelers hosting their annual 25 on the A65 course. Unfortunately, the forecast was dire and although there is usually less for the 25 than the 10’s I’m sure it put many people off as only 9 riders rode.

The course known as the ‘Cattle Crossing 25’ (by virtue of its location near, you guessed it a cattle crossing) is a far cry from the flat, featureless, carriageway 25’s. It’s not super hilly, but has roughly 400m of climbing (I think) and winds along rolling roads and though a couple of small villages. It’s my sort of course to be honest, as I do like a few hills here and there.

In the end the weather was nowhere near as bad as forecast. Conditions were far from perfect, but no one got washed away! There was a fairly persistent drizzle and something of a cross wind that aided slightly on the way out and hindered a little on the way back. In the end I did a time of 1:01:04, which was good enough for the win on the night. Maybe I can go under the hour next year if conditions are better.

Hopefully there will be more VC Bradford riders next year, as it really is a good ride.

The highlight of the race was definitely the return leg through Hellifield, where there were a few locals out cheering and waving. Tour mania must be hitting hard, as it takes some dedication for people to stand in the rain in a small village and cheer on an amateur time trial!

Thanks, so much to Bronte Wheelers for hosting the event, without the help of such volunteers my life would be a lot more boring!

Link to my strava ride here.

Full results here:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]


1,4,Steve Ayres,01:01:04,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,35
2,9,Ben Hallworth,01:04:00,,,Ilkley CC,34
3,7,Ben Cook,01:04:39,+1:21,2,Bronte Whs,40
4,3,Karl Rutins,01:06:18,+2:47,1,Skipton CC,55
5,5,Jonny Tomes,01:06:41,,,Jedi,20
6,2,Kevin Hickie,01:06:55,+0:55,3,Bronte Whs,49
7,6,David Green,01:09:26,-1:24,4,Bronte Whs,50
8,1,Steve Moorhouse,01:10:55,-1:50,5,Nelson Whs,55
9,8,Joe Greaves,01:16:11,-6:52,6,Bronte Whs,56


Bronte Wheelers Cattle Crossing 25

No nice photos, so this cattle crossing sign seemed appropriate!