Our director, Sandra is doing a blogging challenge this week.  Today she is sharing her top tips for choosing the correct eye protection.

I love wearing sunglasses.  I cannot ride my bike without wearing eye protection and I want to share with you why I feel it is so importantI use the term eye protection rather than sunglasses.  This is because early on in my cycling career, I was out riding when  a tree branch from a tree being cut in the garden I was cycling past headed towards my eyes. This incident made me appreciate how wearing eye protection when cycling is so necessary. They also keep the bugs out of your eyes and protect them from the wind, rain and the sun.

At Pennine Cycles, we are a dealer for the stylish Salice brand and I have a number of pairs. A casual set to wear when I am out and about and those I wear when cycling.

Choosing the right cycling eye protection

One of the benefits of purchasing your eye protection from an independent bike shop, like ourselves, is you will receive help and service to find the right glasses for you.  If you need spare parts or new lenses in the future they will easily be able to help you with this too.

Choosing the right cycling eye protection

Here are my 8 top tips when choosing your eye protection:

  1. If you have a small face you may be better choosing a small frame
  2. You may want to ask someone else’s opinion of how you look in them
  3. Make sure they feel comfortable and sit on your face correctly
  4. Fit the glasses over your straps after you have put on your helmet ie not your glasses on first
  5. Make sure you buy the correct lens for the time of year which is of good quality and not just for fashion.  Lenses which might be useful are a clear lens for nighttime, amber for variable weather and smoke for sunlight.
  6. Interchangeable lenses are perfect to have flexibility for the different seasons and weather conditions.
  7. Always keep your glasses clean
  8. Feel good in your glasses and enjoy

“You only have one pair of eyes protect them”