On Saturday I made my second visit of the season to the J2/9 course down in Cheshire for the Janus Road Club 25.

It’s quite a long drive really and took around 1:45, but unusually I had a totally free day, so the journey was made in plenty of time and was quite relaxed. The HQ was at Goostrey Village Hall/Primary School, which was excellently equipped with good facilities and a large changing room. There was also overflow parking in a nearby field, which was definitely needed with a full field of 120 riders and plenty of reserves I believe!

The J2/9 course isn’t a fast course by any means; it has a number of junctions at which (it was made very clear at sign-on) you have to give way to traffic if required. The stand-out feature of the course is definitely the enormous Jodrell Bank telescope, which sits within the loop that forms the course.  It a little unusual in that it more or less runs 1.5 loops of a circuit. This means that you can benefit a bit if the weather is in your favour, or suffer a bit more if it’s not!

Janus Road Club 25

The conditions were pretty good and I was really looking forward to what would actually be my first 25 in anything other than difficult conditions. It was warm and overcast. There was definitely some wind, but it must have been 6-7mph, so it certainly didn’t make things really difficult. It did in fact try to rain at one point as I was riding and I did think ‘here we go again’, but it didn’t come to anything.

I was determined not to go off too hard and pace myself a little and managed to do that fairly well. I was a little annoyed to have to come to a full stop twice at junctions within the first 10km, but that’s just the luck of the draw, a few seconds isn’t worth ending up under some car wheels for. As I eased in to the ride I genuinely began to feel good and having done the loop once in full I knew I was on to a PB. The last 10km were nice and I felt like I moved on pretty well and enjoyed watching my average speed creep up. I finished with a mid ‘56’ minute time and was in the top 10 on the day, which given the large field I was pretty pleased with.  Top dog was Matthew Brammeier (Synergy Baku Cycling Project) with a 52:02, which is a good time for this course.

Many thanks to Janus Road Club for a great day and thanks for organising something other than torrential rain!!

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]Pos,Rider,Club,Time

1,Matthew Brammeier,Synergy Baku Cycling Project,00:52:02
2,Andrew Wilkinson,Port Sunlight Whs,00:52:05
3,Charles McCulloch,www.drag2zero.com,00:52:31
4,Simon Bridge,Manchester Wheelers Club,00:52:49
5,Nigel Haigh,Strategic Lions,00:54:09
6,Robert Hayes,Manchester Wheelers Club,00:55:00
7,Darren Maironis,Forma Racing,00:55:00
8,Lee Brotzman,Wills Wheels CC,00:56:10
9,Stephen Ayres,VC Bradford,00:56:36
10,Nige Wood,Wills Wheels CC,00:56:42
11,Simon Morton,Manchester Wheelers Club,00:56:42
12,Stephen Stoneman,Bott Cycle Team,00:56:53
13,Ben Norbury,Congleton CC,00:57:07
14,Dave Fearon,Weaver Valley CC,00:57:08
15,Chris Siepen,Seamons CC,00:57:15
16,Ryan Morley,Fibrax-Wrexham RC,00:57:23
17,Robert Pollen,Ashley Touring CC,00:57:25
18,Gordon Leicester,Coveryourcar.co.uk RT,00:57:25
19,Andy Gorton,East Lancashire RC,00:57:27
20,Mostyn Bullock,Buxton CC ? Sett Valley Cycles,00:57:32
21,Thomas Thornely,Buxton CC ? Sett Valley Cycles,00:57:36
22,Dominic Crisp,Vision Racing (Delamere Dairy/GRM Property et al),00:57:52
23,Mark Tickle,Leigh Premier RC,00:58:20
24,Steven Hankey,Warrington RC – Spencer Cycle Sport/Horton Light Engineering,00:58:20
25,Martyn Bowers,Stone Wheelers CC,00:58:35
26,Chris Standidge,Total Tri Training,00:58:47
27,Phil Warburton,Liverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree),00:58:58
28,Chris Lea,Buxton CC ? Sett Valley Cycles,00:59:01
29,John Payne,Leigh Premier RC,00:59:04
30,Brian Camfield,Stone Wheelers CC,00:59:20
31,Rob Watson,Wills Wheels CC,00:59:22
32,Joanne Blakeley,Gbcycles.co.uk,00:59:24
33,Richard Whitley,Fibrax-Wrexham RC,00:59:29
34,Alistair Stanway,Weaver Valley CC,00:59:31
35,Alessandro Williams,Tunstall Wheelers/Brian Rourke Cycles,00:59:31
36,Mike Garner,Birkenhead North End CC,00:59:34
37,Bruce Johnson,Kidsgrove Wheelers,00:59:37
38,Paul Blackburn,Leigh Premier RC,00:59:39
39,Neil O’Brien,In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT,00:59:42
40,David Wright,Warrington RC – Spencer Cycle Sport/Horton Light Engineering,00:59:48
41,Robbie Harcourt,Stretford Wheelers CC,00:59:51
42,Neil Oliver,Lyme Racing Club,01:00:06
43,Paul Davies,High Peak Cycles RT,01:00:10
44,Dave Pargeter,Stretford Wheelers CC,01:00:17
45,Dave Roberts,St Helens CRC,01:00:19
46,Mark Pickles,Manchester Wheelers Club,01:00:21
47,Alan Orme,Liverpool Century RC,01:00:23
48,Jim Duffy,Weaver Valley CC,01:00:25
49,Cecil Hopkinson,Wigan Whs CC,01:00:28
50,Fred Bamforth,Stretford Wheelers CC,01:00:50
51,Howard Mead,Manchester Tri Club,01:00:59
52,Matt Hacker,North Cheshire Clarion,01:00:59
53,Jill Wilkinson,Chester RC,01:01:10
54,David Fox,Warrington RC – Spencer Cycle Sport/Horton Light Engineering,01:01:15
55,Kelvin Milward,Congleton CC,01:01:35
56,Ian Middleton,Vision Racing (Delamere Dairy/GRM Property et al),01:01:47
57,Leigh Holland,Chester RC,01:01:56
58,Chris Gilbertson,Weaver Valley CC,01:02:19
59,Peter Rogers,Manchester Tri Club,01:02:30
60,Paul Barber,Seamons CC,01:02:54
61,Andy Wood,Weaver Valley CC,01:02:58
62,Ben McCaulder,North Cheshire Clarion,01:02:59
63,Shaun Mchugh,North Lancs RC,01:03:01
64,Steve Stoddart,Seamons CC,01:03:11
65,Nick Decker,Congleton CC,01:03:18
66,Llyr Hughes,Manchester Tri Club,01:03:22
67,Gareth Howard,Leigh Premier RC,01:04:05
68,Colin Carthy,Weaver Valley CC,01:04:12
69,Claire Munton,Vegetarian C & AC,01:04:17
70,Rebecca Marshall,Vision Racing (Delamere Dairy/GRM Property et al),01:04:20
71,Nick Butterworth,Weaver Valley CC,01:04:20
72,David Gregson,Glossop Kinder Velo,01:04:26
73,Graeme McCulloch,Stretford Wheelers CC,01:04:29
74,Rebecca Holland,Chester RC,01:04:36
75,Philip Hutson,Lyme Racing Club,01:04:36
76,Andy Hamilton,City of Chester Tri Club,01:04:36
77,Andrew Mycock,Stone Wheelers CC,01:04:56
78,Heather Bamforth,Team Jadan,01:04:56
79,George Aldridge,Birkenhead North End CC,01:04:59
80,Paul Brierley,Huddersfield RC ? Salamander Fabricaions,01:04:59
81,Chris Warner,Stone Wheelers CC,01:05:07
82,Jan Shearsmith,Manchester Wheelers Club,01:05:10
83,Jack Fearon,Weaver Valley CC,01:05:26
84,Peter Reid,Manchester Wheelers Club,01:05:48
85,Stephen Longdon,Stretford Wheelers CC,01:05:52
86,Mike Wilson,Warrington RC – Spencer Cycle Sport/Horton Light Engineering,01:05:55
87,Bethan Hughes,Chester RC,01:06:06
88,Ian Casson,Birkenhead Victoria CC,01:06:33
89,Christopher Thomas,Rossendale RC,01:07:02
90,Andrew Grace,Crewe Clarion Wheelers,01:07:22
91,Max Retberg,Manchester Wheelers Club,01:07:38
92,Neil Drummond,Weaver Valley CC,01:07:58
93,Colin Reynolds,Leigh Premier RC,01:08:13
94,Richard Meadows,Seamons CC,01:09:19
95,Andrew Williams,Audlem CC,01:09:25
96,James Dowell,Manchester Wheelers Club,01:09:39
97,Julie Harrison,Bott Cycle Team,01:09:47
98,Margaret Biggs,Team Bader Amputees,01:09:54
99,Jeanette Barber,Seamons CC,01:10:33
100,John Verbickas,Seamons CC,01:10:34
101,Caroline Fearon,Weaver Valley CC,01:11:09
102,Joanne Harcourt,Stretford Wheelers CC,01:12:37
103,George Brown,Stretford Wheelers CC,01:13:06
104,Elaine Jewkes,Port Sunlight Whs,01:13:11
105,John Baddeley,Stone Wheelers CC,01:20:40
106,Derek Black,Wigan Wheelers,01:23:37
,George Coghlan,Janus RC,DNF
,John Swinnerton,Kidsgrove Wheelers,DNF
,Charles Gray,Manchester Wheelers Club,DNF
,Connor Fearon,Weaver Valley CC,DNF
,Sean Caldwell,Glossop Kinder Velo,DNF
,Paul Warrener,Rossendale RC,DNF
,Les Copeland,Stockport Clarion CC,DNS A
,Pauline Atkinson,Seamons CC,DNS A
,Chris Senior,North Cheshire Clarion,DNS A
,David Ian Jones,Graham Weigh Racing – Deeside Olympic RRC,DNS A
,Stephen I’Anson,Buxton CC ? Sett Valley Cycles,DNS A
,Stephen Evans,Newcastle Racing Club 2001/Vekta Velosport,DNS A
,Ben McIntosh,Crewe Clarion Wheelers,DNS A
,Paul Woodrow,Audlem CC,DNS A
,Karen Popplewell,Seamons CC,DNS A
,Craig Nicholson,Manchester Wheelers Club,DNS A
,Andy Robinson,Out of the Saddle,DNS A
,Ivan Paul,Ashley Touring CC,DNS A
,Christopher Beetham,West Yorks Police CC,DNS A
,Ewen MacRury,Knutsford Triclub,DNS A
,Michael Kelly,Liverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree),DNS A
,David Weavers,Manchester Wheelers Club,DNS A
,Nathan Turnbull,Leigh Premier RC,DNS
,Phil Holden,Seamons CC,DNS
,Andrew Jenkins,Wills Wheels CC,DNS
,Nathan Astley,Manchester Wheelers Club,DNS
,Chris Loxley,North Cheshire Clarion,DNS
,James Nichols,Knutsford Triclub,DNS