You could say the area around Levens is one of my old stomping grounds. Having been at Uni at Lancaster and at the time been an avid rock climber it was an area I regularly stopped at and moved through. Of course at the time I never knew much about time trialling!

The L1015 course is considered to be one of the faster courses in the region. It has a short downhill start (that you don’t have to climb on the way back) and is a mix of single and dual carriageway with a generally good surface. The turn is a large TI that you can move around pretty quickly and such is it’s layout that there is rarely any traffic coming from the right. In fact until Michael Hutchinson broke it on the V718 course Wiggins’ 2006 17:58 on this course was the British 10 mile record and is still the fourth fastest time.

The L1015 course close to Kendal.

The L1015 course close to Kendal.

Taking all that into consideration it seemed like a good place to ride my second ‘open’ 10 mile TT and I was pleased to get a start slot when the start list was circulated a couple of weeks back.

The HQ for the event was in a layby just off the main road running towards Sizergh Castle, the local landmark to the course. The weather was warm after what has probably been one of the best weeks of the year so far. Conditions on the course were pretty good, though there was a moderate 8-10mph North-Westerly, which transpired into a pretty much square on side wind. I had a couple of nasty gusts on the way out, but nothing too bad. Other riders suggested it wasn’t great conditions for the course, but being a faster course than I’m used to anyway it seemed pretty good to me.

My race went pretty well; the downhill run to start was nice and I was soon into a pretty good rhythm. It’s difficult to pace a course that you’ve not ridden before and at the turn I was averaging a little over 29mph. However, the return leg felt harder and the average dropped a little, maybe the wind was trickier on the way back, or maybe I just overcooked the first half a little.

I got a little confused at the end of the course as I hadn’t realised that the finish was actually on the slip-road off the main road. Fortunately, as the marshal waved me in I did take the slip-road, but then thought that he was the finish and sat up, only to then see the actual finish further down the slip-road. It could only have cost me a couple of seconds though.

I came in with a time of 20:56, which is my 10 mile PB by some way. That slotted me in about 8th in the final placing, which given a good quality field and a course I didn’t know I was ultimately pleased with. I was initially a little annoyed not to have got the pacing better, but on reflection it’s not a bad effort for my second open 10 and my first real season concentrating on time trialling.

Winner on the day was Darren Maironis (Forma Racing) with 20:04, second was Jason Bateman (Pendle Forest CC) who regularly races our local 10, so well done to him for his 20:23 and third was Warren Gell ( with 20:24.

The event was a charity event with all proceeds going to the extremely worthy North West Air Ambulance. Many thanks to Kent Valley Road Club for their organisation and to those who marshalled and officiated on the day. I look forward to another crack at the course in the future!

My ride on Strava is here.

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,100,Darren Maironis,Forma Racing,20.04
2,15,Jason Bateman,Pendle Forest CC,20.23
3,110,Warren Gell,,20.24
4,70,Richard Bickley,Border City Whs CC,20.25
5,55,Tom Black,Team Manx Telecom Manx Road Club,20.32
6,75,Steven Fidler,Dave Hinde RT,20.36
7,25,David Allonby,Cleveleys RC,20.39
8,43,Stephen Ayres,VC Bradford,20.56
9,95,Simon Coates,Cleveland Wheelers CC,20.56
10,90,Nev Martin,Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue CC,21.04
11,5,David Paterson,Adept Precision RT / NE Healthcare,21.11
12,38,Alexander Foster,Border City Whs CC,21.14
13,68,Wayne Greenhalgh,Champion System/ClubRoost/Maxgear,21.16
14,91,Chris Anderson,Lakes Road Club,21.18
15,60,Russell Richardson,Teesdale CRC,21.24
16,103,Matt Stell,Ribble Valley CRC,21.24
17,30,Ross Laidlaw,Gala CC/Police Scotland – SCU,21.33
18,18,Duncan Park,Lancon CC/North Lancs RC,21.34
19,8,Martin Pool,Preston CC,21.51
20,20,Bryan Pool,Annan 2010 Racing – SCU,21.51
21,50,Tony Workman,Lancashire RC,21.51
22,40,Phil Barnes,Team Swift,22.00
23,98,Noel Fox,Cleveleys RC,22.02
24,53,Sadiq Mir,West Lothian Clarion – SCU,22.03
25,45,James Rutherford,Onimpex Bio Racer,22.04
26,1,Andrew Barlow,Kent Valley RC,22.08
27,65,Rik Waddon,Para T,22.08
28,83,Gary Sedgwick,North Lancs RC,22.10
29,86,Steven Horrocks,Lancashire RC,22.13
30,96,Eddie Marshall,Southport CC,22.13
31,23,Andy Cosgrove,Teesdale CRC,22.14
32,109,John Mason,Velo Club Cumbria,22.14
33,32,Joanne Blakeley,GB,22.22
34,88,Roger Wrenn,Macclesfield Wheelers,22.24
35,12,Tim Berry,Preston Cycling Club,22.27
36,93,Mike Irvine,Withington Wheelers,22.30
37,3,Doug Slater,Berwick Wheelers CC – SCU,22.31
38,63,Stephen Costello,Bill Nickson Cycles RT,22.31
39,108,Ian Wilcock,Nelson Whs CC,22.31
40,33,David Hargreaves,North Lancs RC,22.33
41,89,Peter Fitton,Lancashire RC,22.36
42,22,Chris Bailey,Lyme Racing Club,22.41
43,66,Sean Casson,Barrow Central Wheelers,22.46
44,36,Tim Bennett,Kent Valley RC,22.49
45,42,Richard Howe,Teesdale CRC,22.51
46,58,Gary Burns,Harry Middleton Cycling Club,22.56
47,82,Gary Mackintosh,Beacon Roads CC,22.56
48,92,George Nowland,Ribble Valley CRC,22.58
49,67,Matt Hacker,North Cheshire Clarion,23.00
50,76,Richard Durham,Team Swift,23.03
51,61,Robert Matthews,North Lancs RC,23.07
52,84,Ben Trippier,East Lancs RC,23.07
53,77,Graham Pitcher,Barrow Central Wheelers,23.15
54,13,Glenn Bowyer,Lancashire RC,23.18
55,26,Simon Myerscough,Ribble Valley CRC,23.26
56,46,Paul Russell,Cleveleys RC,23.33
57,52,Bev Blakeman,Derwentside CC,23.33
58,72,Paul Eastwell,North Lancs RC,23.35
59,94,Barry Teal,Ribble Valley CRC,23.35
60,62,Robin Shedden,Wrekinsport,23.36
61,97,Peter Jones,Seamons CC,23.50
62,14,James Connell,North Lancs RC,23.58
63,56,Dave Poulter,Wrekinsport,23.58
64,39,Simon Jones,Beacon Wheelers,24.03
65,27,Simon Diggins,North Lancs RC,24.20
66,57,Paul Complin,Pendle Forest CC,24.20
67,64,Alex Trippier,East Lancs RC,24.22
68,74,Max Retberg,Manchester Wheelers Club,24.23
69,101,Theresa Taylor,Preston CC,24.40
70,31,Chris Scaife,Teesdale CRC,24.43
71,41,Craig Wilson,Nelson Whs CC,24.44
72,6,Graham Sheard,North Lancs RC,24.45
73,37,Robert Hornsby,Westerley CC,24.53
74,107,David Logan,Derwentside CC,24.56
75,47,Michael Cox,North Lancs RC,24.59
76,71,Neil Hughes-Hutchings,Morden CRC,25.12
77,7,Sharon Clifford,Coventry RC,25.14
78,19,Zoe Whiteside,Lancashire RC,25.30
79,51,Andrew Newey,Ribble Valley CRC,26.04
80,99,Caroline Leighton,Lancashire RC,26.06
81,4,Helen Bailey,Lyme Racing Club,26.11
82,24,Phill Warner,North Lancs RC,26.45
83,44,Alexander Wiseman,East Lancs RC,26.46
84,49,Fred Pickstone,Kent Valley RC,27.24
85,21,Paul Watson,Yorkshie VTTA,28.16
86,34,Jo-Anne Roscoe,Lancashire RC,28.40
87,79,Cyril Wynne,Stretford Wheelers CC,28.48
88,9,Alex Travis,East Lancs RC,28.50
89,29,Graham Lawrence,VTTA (Manchester & NW Group),33.23
,10,John Paterson,Classic Race Team – SCU,Apol
,11,Peter Haigh,Nelson Whs CC,Apol
,16,Glenn Rhodes,Barrow Central Wheelers,Apol
,35,Phil Robinson,Janus RC,Apol
,73,Mike Westmorland,Border City Whs CC,Apol
,78,Antony Pilkington,Cleveleys RC,Apol
,80,Dave Isherwood,Team Swift,Apol
,87,Gordon Johnston,Sandy Wallace Cycles,Apol
,104,Sue Cheetham,North Lancs RC,Apol
,106,Lynn Hamel,Trainsharp RT,Apol
,111,Stuart Moran,North Argyll Cycle Club – SCU,Apol
,112,James Falconer,Ferryhill Whs/Mountain High,Apol
,48,Paul Savage,Seamons CC,DNF
,2,Michael White,Preston Whs,DNS
,17,Neil Hopkins,VTTA (Manchester & NW Group),DNS
,28,Steven Hodge,Harry Middleton Cycling Club,DNS
,54,Dave Hunt,Rossendale RC,DNS
,59,John Burston,ABC.Centreville,DNS
,69,Robert Hurst,Southport CC,DNS
,81,Bill Sedgwick,Southport CC,DNS
,85,Tony Greenhalgh,Onimpex Bio Racer,DNS
,102,Joe Roberts,St Helens CRC,DNS


Sizergh Castle, the local landmark to the L1015 course.

Sizergh Castle, the local landmark to the L1015 course.