As Part of our ongoing blog series, V.C.Bradford member Steve Ayres shares his racing experiences. This week has been busy after riding the Macclesfield Wheelers 25 at the weekend on Wednesday he then rode the first Kildwick TT of the year.


Kildwick Club 10 – 1 (16/04/2014)


The first Kildwick Club 10 run jointly by Bronte and Nelson Wheelers was held last night. The regular weekly event that runs from April through to August has been a staple of my riding for a couple of years now.

The first mention has to go to Nelson Wheelers for their organisation on the night.  Last year the first week was attended by roughly 15 riders; this year there were over 55!! Unfortunately, some riders had to be turned away on safety reasons (due to fading light), but the fact that 40 riders went up the road was a great effort.

The second mention has to be a humble apology to my fellow club rider Darren.  After some really hard work in a very short amount of time Darren is progressing really well as a rider and it was my job on the night to ‘show him the ropes’ for his first TT. To cut a long story short he missed his start slot! I thought we were rolling around to the start, but Darren headed off some distance ahead of me in a different direction and my yelling was in vein. The hectic nature of sign-on with such a large number of riders and the start being brought forward 15 minutes didn’t help, but I was at least partly responsible and I feel bad for it! Alex (our youngest club member) was unfortunate to be one of the riders too late to get a start.

If it is any consolation I was duped out of a minute in the official results that got a little skewed for a few people, hardly surprising given the mass sign-on and rider numbers (I was just glad to get a ride)! On the night I did a PB of 22:04, which given that it was my first 10 of the season was pleasing, but that extra 5 seconds to bring it under 22 would have been nice!

Strava Link here

Kildwick 10 20140416

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]Pos,Start Number,Rider,Club,Time
2,23,Matthew Bulmer,All Terrain,00:21:43
3,4,Steve Ayres,Pennine CC,00:22:04
4,26,Jonny Jones,Jedi cycle sport,00:22:24
5,2,Ian Wilcock,Nelson Whs,00:22:38
6,8 (Tandem),K Church/J Rigby Jones,Ilkley CC,00:23:09
7,25,Tom Andrews,Ilkley CC,00:23:19
8,28,Adrian Jones,PMMAS?,00:23:21
9,24,Ian Duckworth,Nelson Whs CC,00:23:32
10,35,Nigel Austin,Otley CC,00:23:45
11,21,Sam Straw,ARCC ?,00:23:49
12,19,Mark Allatson,Craven Energy,00:23:55
13,22,Bill Belcher,Clayton Velo,00:23:59
14,37,Ben Cook,Bronte Whs,00:24:04
15,31,Steve Lloyd,Skipton CC,00:24:07
16,29,Richard Gate,Albarosa CC,00:24:12
17,6,Ben Howe,CS Pendle,00:24:19
18,13,Chris Humphries,Skipton CC,00:24:26
19,7,Dave Green,Bronte Whs,00:24:30
20,12,Adam Holmes,Skipton CC,00:24:32
21,20,Ben Greenhough,Albarosa CC,00:24:34
22,11,Karl Rutins,Skipton CC,00:24:39
23,30,Steve Moorhouse,Nelson Whs,00:24:50
24,18,Kevin Hickie,Bronte Whs,00:24:58
25,36,Russell marsden,Pendle Forest CC,00:25:05
26,10,Iain Tilley,Skipton CC,00:25:16
27,38,Paul complin,Pendle Forest CC,00:25:21
28,16,Luke Cater,Skipton CC,00:25:38
29,17,Craig Wilson,Nelson Whs,00:26:03
30,5,Matthew Pearce,Bronte Whs,00:26:04
31,34,Dave Kilmister,Bronte Whs,00:26:05
32,14,Andrew Swindles,Skipton CC,00:29:06
34,27,Edward Whitaker,Skipton CC,00:29:48
35,1,Rebecca Wilkinson,Nelson Whs,00:29:54
36,33,Caran Stephenson,Skipton CC,00:30:12
37,15,Matt Richardson,Skipton CC,00:30:14
38,32,Martin Dixon ,Skipton CC,00:31:41
,3,D Caines,Pennine CC,DNS