First things first! We want to wish Jason Bateman (Pendle Forest CC) all the best and a speedy recovery. Jason was hit by a car and fell whilst warming up before the race. He was heading off to the hospital to be checked out it did look like a broken collar bone. We wish him all the very best.

The weather for the Kildwick 10 this evening was good. Whereas last week had been almost stiflingly hot, this week was warm, but cloudy and the temperature was more pleasant for racing. Darren and myself noted that the traffic was generally busier than normal whilst we rode out, maybe everyone that was glued to the TV for the World Cup last week has given up on it now; I wouldn’t blame them!

Conditions on the course were good. A slight tailwind on the way out was nice, but it was so slight that it didn’t hinder the return leg at all. I would say they were probably the best we’ve had so far this year.

Two riders from VB Bradford, Darren Caines and myself:

  • Darren: 25:09
  • Me: 21:00

Darren’s time was very similar to last week, mine was quite a bit faster (a PB for the Kildwick course); much of that down to confidence and improving technique I think. I was quite pleased with the time of 21:00, but I will have to try harder to shave that second off! Darren’s already planning his training for next year; he’ll be a force to be reckoned with after another full year of riding!

On the night our local Olympic gold medallist Steven Burke (Haribo-Beacon) was first with a time of 20:15, I rolled over second with my 21:00 and Alex Fold (PH Mas) was third with 21:48.

Many thanks to Nelson Wheelers and all associated helpers; without your efforts life would be a lot duller! I’m looking forward to next week, which is the extended 22 mile Kildwick TT.

Thanks also the Karl Rutins and Raymond Bracewell for some fantastic photos, see below!

The Strava action is here for those inclined.

Full Results:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,21,Steven Burke,20:15,-,-,Haribo-Beacon,26
2,8,Steve Ayres,21:00,-,-,VC Bfd/Pennine,35
3,20,Alex Fold,21:48,-,-,Ph Mas,25
4,23,Andrew Wooler,21:52,-,-,Ph Mas,36
5,14,Jamie Ridehalgh,22:22,-,-,KCA,15
6,15,Matt Bulmer,22:37,-,-,All Terrain Cycles,37
7,4,Ian Wilcock,22:39,+3:53,3,Nelson Whs,47
8,16,Gary Smith,23:25,+2:39,6,Pendle Forest CC,41
9,17,Ian Duckworth,23:31,+2:38,7,Nelson Whs,42
10,33,Ben Cook,23:39,+2:25,10,Bronte Whs,41
11,31,Adam Holmes,23:44,-,-,Skipton CC,21
12,3,Steve Lloyd,23:49,+2:34,8,Skipton CC,45
13,30,Katherine Church,23:53,+4:20,1,Ilkley CC,42
14,5,Martin Ralph,23:55,+2:04,12,Pendle Forest CC,40
15,11,Nigel Austin,23:59,+4:15,2,Otley CC,65
16,25,Steve Moorhouse,24:05,+3:04,5,Nelson Whs,55
17,6,Stephen Singleton,24:06,+3:20,4,Pendle Forest CC,58
18,10,David Green,24:19,+2:26,9,Bronte Whs,50
19,12,Ben Greenhough,24:27,-,-,Alba Rosa,21
20,29,Martin Welsh,24:31,+2:19,11,Pendle Forest CC,51
21,34,Bernard Clayton,24:39,+1:20,16,Pendle Forest CC,40
22,18,Peter Stone,24:52,+1:31,14,Bronte Whs,45
23,13,Russell Marsden,24:54,+1:42,13,Pendle Forest CC,48
24,32,Matt Pearce,25:01,-,-,Bronte Whs,39
25,35,Amy Gornall,25:08,-,-,RST Racing Team,17
26,9,Darren Caines,25:09,+1:23,15,VC Bfd/Pennine,47
27,36,Andrew Dent,25:32,+1:18,17,Pendle Forest CC,51
28,22,Anthony Marton,26:00,+0:09,19=,Craven Energy,42
29,26,Joe Greaves,26:34,+0:40,18,Bronte Whs,56
30,7,David Kilmister,26:36,-0:04,23,Bronte Whs,47
31,24,Gary Harris,26:54,+0:05,22,Pendle Forest CC,53
32,2,Alan Green,27:29,+0:09,19=,Bronte Whs,60
33,19,Liz Stefanuti,27:52,-,-,Skipton CC,33
34,27,Clive Boothman,28:16,+0:07,21,Ilkley CC,66
35,28,Brendan Murray,29:57,-1:34,24,Ilkley CC,66
36,1,Jason Bateman,DNS,,,Pendle Forest CC,


Dam those cars in the background! How dare they use the road...

Dam those cars in the background! How dare they use the road…


That is a seriously fat looking tong hanging out, I'm sure it's not that big??

That is a seriously fat looking tong hanging out, I’m sure it’s not that big??