A little late these results, due to the fact that I was away sunning myself rather than racing! As I found out this week, I think I may have gone a little heavy on the tapas and cake!

Apparently the conditions for the night were pretty good, sunny and warm with not too strong a wind in any direction.

On the night Andrew Wooler (Ph Mas) was fastest with 21:34, Alex Fold (Ph Mas) completed a one-two for the club with a 22:08 and Ian Wilcox (Nelson Wheelers) was third with 22:29.

Two riders rode for VC Bradford:

  • Samuel Verdier 24:02
  • Alex Barusevicus 24:53

A special well done and welcome to Samuel who is over from France; along with some other rides of late 🙂

Thanks as usual to Bronte Wheelers (the host club) and all those that marshalled and helped out.

Full Results

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,21,Andrew Wooler,21:34,,,Ph Mas,36
2,15,Alex Fold,22:08,,,Ph Mas,25
3,3,Ian Wilcox,22:29,+4:03,1,Nelson Whs,47
4,6,Matthew Bulmer,22:30,,,All Terrain Cycles,37
5,20,Chris Smedley,22:39,+3:25,4,Nelson Whs,41
6=,24,Oliver Dayton,23:05,,,Ph Mas,17
6=,28,Chris Smith,23:05,,,British Cycling,37
8,23,Timothy Jones,23:12,,,Cycle Sport Pendle,16
9,7,Gary Smith,23:30,+2:34,9,Pendle Forest CC,41
10,2,Steve Moorhouse,23:38,+3:31,3,Nelson Whs,55
11,16,Adrian Jones,23:42,+2:36,7,Ph Mas,44
12,9,Ian Duckworth,23:44,+2:25,10,Nelson Whs,42
13,8,Karl Rutins,24:01,+3:08,5,Skipton CC,55
14,14,Samuel Verdier,24:02,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,22
15,12,Steve Lloyd,24:03,+2:20,11,Skipton CC,45
16,31,David Green,24:10,+2:35,8,Bronte Whs,50
17,4,Nigel Austin,24:12,+4:02,2,Otley CC,65
18,5,Andrew Dent,24:13,+2:37,6,Pendle Forest CC,51
19,17,Bernard Clayton,24:44,+1:15,15,Pendle Forest,40
20,30,Alex Barusevicus,24:53,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,14
21,22,Kevin Hickie,24:58,+1:43,12,Bronte Whs,49
22,25,Ben Greenhalgh,25:08,+1:37,13,Pedalsport,50
23,11,Peter Stone,25:14,+1:09,16,Bronte Whs,45
24,19,Tony Shaw,25:16,+1:25,14,Nelson Whs,49
25,27,Jake Bailey,25:37,,,Skipton CC,25
26,18,Craig Wilson,25:58,+0:34,18,Nelson Whs,47
27,10,Joe Greaves,26:50,+0:24,19,Bronte Whs,56
28,13,Dave Kilmister,27:18,-0:46,20,Bronte Whs,47
29,1,Liz Stefanuti,27:46,,,Skipton CC,33
30,26,Clive Boothman,27:50,+0:42,17,Ilkley CC,67
31,29,Alex Lacey,30:18,,,Bronte Whs,23