Last night was the 12th Kildwick 10 of the year.

It seems hard to believe that there have been 12 races already and there are only 3 left! ‘Time flies’ and all that; I never did believe my parents when they used to say time goes faster the older you get, but I have to admit they were right (about that and a few other things as well!).

A fairly heavy downpour at around 5pm thankfully abated and the sun even came out in patches to make a pretty warm race. Unfortunately, there was also a pretty strong westerly, which was a cross-head wind on the outward leg and did nothing to help on the way back.

The Colne GP crits were also on last night, so a few of the regular riders were away attempting to stay upright on the fast corners over there, but we still had a good turnout of 28 riders on the night. There were also a number of first timers to the TT last night, which was great to see. Apparently the event has seen well over 120 different individuals ride this year, amazing and fantastic!

On the night Alex Fold (PH Mas) was fastest with 21:58, well done mate. I was second with 22:13 and Matt Bulmer (All Terrain Cycles) was third with 22:36.

I have to admit that I wasn’t really ‘feeling it’ myself this week and was a little disappointed with my time, but hey-ho I shouldn’t have stuffed so much tapas and cake (my achilles heel) in the sun last week!

Three members of VC Bradford took part last night, well done lads!

  • Alex Barusevicus 24:57
  • Darren Caines 25:45
  • Me 22:13

Many thanks to Nelson Wheelers (the promoting club) and all those helpers/marshals that made things run so smoothly. Thanks also to Karl Rutins again for some excellent photos (see below). Also a special thanks to Heather from Bronte Wheelers; every week Heather gathers the results and sends them out with such speed that I barely have time to get my tea down me before they arrive! The efficient running, great photos and speedy results were all noted by a couple of the aforementioned ‘first timers’. It really is appreciated!

Roll-on the weekend and next week!

The Strava action is here for those inclined.

Full Results:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,20,Alex Fold,21:58,,,Ph Mas,25
2,8,Steve Ayres,22:13,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,35
3,4,Matt Bulmer,22:36,,,All Terrain,37
4,12,Andy Peace,22:39,+3:44,1,Jedi Cycle Sport,45
5,25,Jamie Tweddell,22:45,,,albaRosa,32
6,23,Ben Cook,23:42,+2:22,4=,Bronte Whs,41
7,11,Ian Duckworth,23:46,+2:23,3,Nelson Whs,42
8,18,Davey Johnston,24:00,+1:59,9,Ph Mas,40
9,6,Richard Gate,24:10,+2:22,4=,albaRosa,47
10,19,Tom Andrews,24:18,,,IlkleyCC,28
11,24,Nick Guest,24:25,,,albaRosa,28
12,10,Dave Green,24:32,+2:13,7,Bronte Whs,50
13,2,Katherine Church,24:34,+3:39,2,Ilkley CC,42
14,28,Alex Barusevicus,24:57,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,14
15,16,Steve Moorhouse,24:59,+2:10,8,Nelson Whs,55
16,26,Kevin Hickie,25:13,+1:28,11,Bronte Whs,49
17,27,Tony Shaw,25:14,+1:27,12,Nelson Whs,49
18,1,Steve Wilkinson,25:16,+1:34,10,Nelson Whs,51
19,9,Darren Caines,25:45,+0:47,13,VC Bfd/Pennine,47
20,7,Russell Marsden,26:01,+0:22,14,Pendle Forest CC,45
21,3,Leanne Farrow,26:07,,,Ilkley CC,30
22,22,Jake Bailey,26:17,,,Skipton CC,25
23,15,Peter Stone,26:22,+0:01,16,Bronte Whs,45
24,17,James Nelson,26:38,,,Skipton CC,32
25,21,Carol Young,27:00,+2:20,6,Craven Energy,55
26,13,Peter Lord,27:11,-1:07!,17,Skipton CC,41
27,14,Liz Stefanuti,28:13,,,Skipton CC,33
28,5,Alison Gate,28:29,+0:10,15,albaRosa,47


Alex needs to be a little less casual and stop burrowing his brothers old kit :)

Alex needs to be a little less casual and stop burrowing his brothers old kit 🙂

Kildwick 10 20140716 Darren

Darren; a picture of concentration.

Kildwick 10 20140716 Steve

As was noted, I have all that flash kit and it still looks like I’m being caught 🙂

Kildwick 10 20140716 Steve2