Last night was the 13th Kildwick 10 of the year.

It’s certainly been warm for the last few days and yesterday was no exception. It’s been so nice not to have to think about whether you’ll need a coat or not for a few days!

Conditions on the course were good. There was a bit of an easterly wind, which was probably too strong to make it a really fast night, but you’d have been mad to complain! Strangely the wind was almost exactly the opposite to last week, thus gave a little push on the way out.

It was a close one for the first 3 places. On the night Andrew Wooler (PH Mas) was fastest with 21:30, I was second with 21:34 and Alex Fold (PH Mas) was third with 21:37. To have only 7 seconds separate first to third is pretty unusual and it’s good to have some tight competition.

Three members of VC Bradford took part last night, well done lads! Particularly good effort to Sam on only his second effort on the course.

  • Alex Barusevicus 23:57
  • Samuel Verdier 23:32
  • Me 21:34

Many thanks to Bronte Wheelers (the promoting club) and all those helpers/marshals that made things run so smoothly.

The Strava action is here for those inclined.

Full Results:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,30,Andrew Wooler,21:30,,,Ph Mas,36
2,20,Steve Ayres,21:34,,,Vc Bfd/Pennine,35
3,29,Alex Fold,21:37,,,Ph Mas,25
4,15,Matt Bulmer,22:03,,,All Terrain Cycles,37
5,5,Ian Wilcox,22:34,+3:58,1,Nelson Whs,47
6,22,Chris Smedley,22:40,+3:24,3,Nelson Whs,41
7,10,Gary Smith,22:53,+3:11,4,Pendle Forest CC,41
8,19,Ian Duckworth,23:18,+2:51,5,Nelson Whs,42
9,25,Steve Wilkinson,23:22,+3:28,2,Nelson Whs,51
10,31,Ben Cook,23:24,+2:40,7,Bronte Whs,41
11=,13,Samuel Verdier,23:32,,,Vc Bfd/Pennine/AC Brevinois,22
11=,21,Ben Howe,23:32,,,Cyclesport Pendle,34
13,28,Dave Johnston,23:43,+2:16,11,Ph Mas,40
14,7,Steve Lloyd,23:49,+2:34,9,Skipton CC,45
15,32,Alex Barusevicus,23:57,,,Vc Bfd/Pennine,14
16,14,David Green,23:59,+2:46,6,Bronte Whs,50
17,3,Andrew Dent,24:12,+2:38,8,Pendle Forest CC,51
18,27,Tony Shaw,24:21,+2:20,10,Nelson Whs,49
19,8,Russell Marsden,24:29,+1:58,12,Pendle Forest CC,46
20,12,Peter Stone,24:36,+1:47,13,Bronte Whs,45
21,17,Lucy Horrocks,25:24,,,Hope,14
22,23,James Nelson,25:26,,,Skipton CC,32
23,4,Martin Humphies,25:32,,,Skipton CC,37
24=,11,Peter Lord,25:38,+0:26,16,Skipton CC,41
24=,16,Jake Bailey,25:38,,,Skipton CC,25
26,6,Steve Robinson,26:16,+0:48,15,Craven Energy,54
27,26,Peter Haigh,26:41,+0:57,14,Nelson Whs,60
28,2,Melissa Greaves,26:49,,,Bronte Whs,22
29,18,Liz Stefanuti,27:47,,,Skipton CC,33
30,9,Gary Harris,28:38,0,17,Pendle Forest CC,53
31,1,Gaynor Greaves,31:57,-3:18,18,Bronte Whs,47
32,24,Katherine Church,DNF,,,Ilkley CC,42