Number 14 down and only 2 more Kildwick 10’s to go for the year!

There was some ruffles in the Facebook World yesterday when temporary lights and reduced lanes close the Bradley turning threatened the running of the TT, but thankfully they were all gone come start time! Hopefully they won’t disrupt the last couple of TT’s.

It certainly wasn’t as warm last night as it has been for the last couple of Wednesday evenings, though this will have been welcome to most. There was a reasonably strong and quite blustery south-westerly, which would make for a cross-wind from either side for the majority of the course. A good turn-out of 33 riders showed that there was no sign of enthusiasm wavering towards the end of the season!

An incident involving my TT helmet and my car in reverse meant that I was using (a burrowed) one of those new, short tailed TT helmets with a crazy big mirrored visor. I have to admit that they look pretty cool in the hands (or on the heads) of messrs Wiggins and Hoy etc., but I’m not sure I can really carry it off! If I could knock 2 minutes off my times then that might be a different matter J It was actually very comfortable!

It was just me riding from VC Bradford and on the night Ben Jacobs (albaRosa CC) was fastest with 21:19, Alex Fold (Ph Mas) second with 21:33 and myself third with 21:53. Not as close at the top as last week. Katherine Church with her PB for this course of 23:46 was first lady and first vet on standard, well done! It was notable that all the vet on standard riders beat their age standard times, which was a particularly fine effort from all!

Thanks to Andy Spencer for some very cool and interesting photos of the evenings action.

Many thanks to Bronte Wheelers (the promoting club) and all those helpers/marshals that made things run so smoothly. Thanks also to members of Skipton CC for helping both last night and on a regular basis through the season.

The penultimate TT next Wednesday is at 7pm folks!

The Strava action is here for those inclined.

Full Results:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,30,Ben Jacobs,21:19,,,albaRosa CC,36
2,16,Alex Fold,21:33,,,Ph Mas,25
3,9,Steve Ayres,21:53,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,35
4,29,Doug Hart,21:57,+4:07,2,Ilkley CC,41
5,24,Chris Smedley,22:22,+3:42,4,Nelson Whs,41
6,5,Ian Wilcock,22:37,+3:55,3,Nelson Whs,47
7,17,Conor Palliser,22:45,,,East Bradford CC,18
8,28,Ben Cook,23:04,+3:00,7,Bronte Whs,41
9,6,Ben Howe,23:17,,,Cycle Sport Pendle,35
10,4,Andy Gates,23:40,+2:52,10,Clitheroe CC,47
11=,21,Luke Cater,23:42,,,Skipton CC,25
11=,26,Steve Wilkinson,23:42,+3:08,5,Nelson Whs,51
13,22,Simon Dowson,23:44,+2:25,12,Settle Whs,42
14,15,Katherine Church,23:46,+4:27,1,Ilkley CC,42
15,11,David Green,23:56,+2:54,9,Bronte Whs,50
16,13,Karl Rutins,24:05,+3:04,6,Skipton CC,55
17,3,Steve Lloyd,24:07,+2:16,14,Skipton CC,45
18,1,Steve Moorhouse,24:11,+2:58,8,Nelson Whs,55
19,2,Gary Murfin,24:13,+2:00,15,Settle Whs,43
20,20,Tony Shaw,24:24,+2:17,13,Nelson Whs,49
21,8,Peter Stone,25:02,+1:21,17,Bronte Whs,45
22,10,Anthony Morton,25:15,+0:58,19,Craven Energy,43
23,23,Kali Exley,25:27,+2:35,11,Craven Energy,40
24,27,Kevin Hickie,25:32,+1:09,18,Bronte Whs,49
25=,18,Craig Wilson,25:38,+0:49,20,Nelson Whs,46
25=,19,Christian Townsley,25:38,,,Skipton CC,39
27,32,Chris Lancaster,26:04,+0:41,21,Ilkley CC,50
28,25,Daniel Locke,26:31,,,Aire Valley,31
29,14,Peter Haigh,27:03,+0:35,22,Nelson Whs,60
30,7,Liz Stefanuti,27:13,,,Skipton CC,33
31,12,Melissa Greaves,27:16,,,Bronte Whs,22
32,31,Stephanie Milward,27:17,+1:22,16,Ilkley CC,47
33,33,Alex Lacey,32:05,,,Bronte Whs,23


Some very cool photos from Andy Spencer!

Some very cool photos from Andy Spencer!