A bit of wind, the VC Bradford club handicap, a great turn-out and some very fast, very close times.

Last night (06/08) was the penultimate Kildwick Club 10 of the year; I can hardly believe that we’re at this stage already; it only seems like yesterday I was fighting the howling gales and torrential rain of the early (and some other) weeks!

The weather was much improved from the morning, but there was still a pretty stiff Westerly that made things a little off from ideal (much the same as last week, just a little stronger).

Before the start of the race I could see that there was some fast guys around. Tom Moses (fresh (or not) from his epic ride in the Commonwealth games road race) was in attendance with a full TT setup (he normally turns in about the same time as me on a standard road bike!), as was Richard Bideau who I had met last week at the Pendle Forest TT and had put significant time into me there. Richard also had a friend with him that I’d not met before, but you know when you get that feeling that someone is fast…..

The race also encompassed our VC Bradford club handicap, which 3 of us rode. Congratulations to Darren Caines for winning the handicap on the night, but a special mention to Alex Barusevicus who literally stepped off the plane from holiday and sped from the airport to Kildwick so that he could take part (thanks to the organisers for letting him race despite arriving a fair bit after the last rider had gone off)! Worth noting that Darren is riding a good minute and a half ahead of his VTTA age standard! Handicap results were:

  1. Darren Caines 20:00 (Actual 25:00)
  2. Alex Barusevicus 20:45 (Actual 24:45)
  3. Steve Ayres 21:18 (Actual 21:18)

In the race as a whole there was some blistering times. I have to admit to putting a little extra effort in this week and was pleased with my 21:18 given the conditions, but I was a distant 4th to the fast guys on the night. First was Steve Irwin (Kingston Wheelers) with 20:16 a friend of second place rider Richard Bideau (Pendle Forest) just a single second behind with 20:17 and Tom Moses (Rapha Condor JLT) rounded off the podium with his 20:19. To get the first 3 places within 3 seconds of each other is remarkable, but for them all to be under 20:20 is not something I’ve seen at Kildwick! An amazing effort by all 3 guys and something to aspire to. First lady on the night was Nina Benson (Ilkley CC) with a strong sub-24 ride of 23:53. With Steve and Richard both being Vets (there’s hope for me yet!) they took first and second Vets on the night with Jason Bateman (Pendle Forest) taking third placed Vet with a 21:23; it’s great to see Jason racing again after his broken collar bone earlier in the season.

Thanks to Paul and Sandra from VC Bradford/Pennine Cycles for the encouragement on the night! Many thanks to Bronte Wheelers (the promoting club) and all the helpers/marshals; John W, John D, Christian, Keith, Ernie, Norman and of course Heather. They always make things run so smoothly!

Last Kildwick TT of the year with gathering at the White Lion after next Wednesday is at 7pm!

The Strava action from last night is here for those inclined.

Full Results:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,25,Steve Irwin,20:16,+5:57,1,Kingston Whs,43
2,20,Richard Bideau,20:17,+5:56,2,Pendle Forest CC,43
3,17,Tom Moses,20:19,,,Rapha Condor JLT,22
4,11,Steve Ayres,21:18,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,35
5,7,Jason Bateman,21:23,+4:46,3,Pendle Forest CC,42
6,26,Matt Wilson,22:32,,,Yorkshire RC,25
7,24,Thomas Wood,22:39,,,Paul Milnes,19
8,15,Luke Cater,22:54,,,Skipton CC,25
9,29,Ben Cook,23:13,+2:51,7,Bronte Whs,41
10,3,David Johnson,23:17,+2:42,10=,Ph Mas,40
11=,14,Karl Rutins,23:45,+3:24,5,Skipton CC,55
11=,19,Tony Shaw,23:45,+2:56,6,Nelson Whs,49
13,6,Jonny Tomes,23:46,,,Jedi ,21
14,2,Ian Duckworth,23:52,+2:17,13,Nelson Whs,42
15,28,Nina Benson,23:53,+4:20,4,Ilkley CC,42
16,22,David Green,24:02,+2:43,9,Bronte Whs,50
17,5,Andrew Dent,24:08,+2:42,10=,Pendle Forest CC,51
18,10,Martin Welsh,24:16,+2:34,12,Pendle Forest CC,51
19,1,Steve Moorhouse,24:20,+2:49,8,Nelson Whs,55
20,33,Alex Barusevicus,24:45,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,14
21,12,Darren Caines,25:00,+1:32,17,VC Bfd/Pennine,47
22,21,Kevin Hickie,25:02,+1:39,16,Bronte Whs,49
23,8,Peter Lord,25:12,+0:52,18,Skipton CC,41
24,13,Peter Haigh,25:46,+1:52,15,Nelson Whs,60
25,27,Jake Bailey,25:49,,,Skipton CC,25
26,30,Dave Topping,25:53,+0:43,19,Pendle Forest CC,48
27,23,Kali Exley,25:54,+2:08,14,Craven Energy,40
28,9,Craig Wilson,25:55,+0:37,20,Nelson Whs,47
29,4,Liz Stefanuti,27:39,,,Skipton CC,33
30,18,Richard Annable,27:56,-0:42,21,Skipton CC,56
31,16,Paul Norman,30:45,-3:41,22,Skipton CC,54


Darren Kildwick 10 20140806

Darren on his way to club handicap glory! Photo Credit Matt Wilson’s Brother