So there we have it! Last night’s Kildwick 10 was the last (but by no means least) of this year’s series; and what a great set of races we’ve had! There’s been fast times, slower times, personal bests galore, wind, rain, storms, sunshine, new bikes, old bikes, tandems, mountain bikes(!), rivalry, lots of other stuff and most of all a lot of fun! It really has been great! According to the organisers there have been a total of 157 different individual riders through the summer, which is a fantastic number and great to see!!

Through the day yesterday there was some doubt that the race would even go ahead as the temporary traffic lights at Bradley lane end had shown up again on Tuesday evening and it looked like they were there to stay. It was only due to Heather’s fantastic efforts that meant we were able to race. Heather agreed with the contractors that they wouldn’t put the lights into action until the last rider was through, rather than at the planned time of 6pm; so many thanks to Heather and also to Northern Gas and their contractors for being so accommodating!

The conditions last night were quite tough, it was dry but there was a very stiff westerly come north-westerly that made the outward leg a real battle. There was some assistance on the return leg, but you never quite make up what you lose. There was some discussion after the race, but for me personally I’d always prefer a light tailwind on the more uphill outward leg.

On the night David Kinlock (Ph Mas) was quickest with 21:25, yours truly (VC Bradford) was second with 21:44 and Doug Hart (Ilkley CC) was third with 21:51. David and Doug were also first and second Vets on standard respectively. First lady was Brit Tate (GB Cycles) with a fine 23:54 on her first ride at Kildwick. It was good to see Jason Bateman (Pendle Forest CC) and Liz Stefanuti (Skipton CC) riding tandem and a special mention to Ian Wilcock (Nelson Wheelers) who continued his clubs tradition of riding the last event a little ‘differently’; he rode a mountain bike and turned in a pretty amazing time of 25:53, what a great effort!!

After the race a fair few retired to the pub for an end of season pint or two, which let’s face it is why we went through the whole process in the first place wasn’t it? Steve Wilkinson from Nelson Wheelers and David Green/Heather Lawson from Bronte Wheelers thanked all the riders and helpers that had been involved through the season. Heather also received a bouquet of flowers from Nelson Wheelers and the Syd Peacock Memorial Trophy from Bronte Wheelers, which is awarded to the Bronte Wheelers club member who provides an exceptional effort with regards to administration, very well deserved!

Heather handed out a series of age group based prizes. The prizes were calculated for various age group ‘bands’. For the under 40’s the riders best 4 times were taken and an average calculated, for those over 40 the VTTA standards were used to calculate the average time above/below standard for the 4 best rides. It being special cycling year with the TDF gracing the Yorkshire hills the prizes were some fantastic TDF metal wall signs. I was lucky enough to win my age category (35-39 average 21:24) so my sign will be hanging in front of the turbo-trainer to give that little extra motivation over the long winter months. Well done to Alex Barusevicus of VC Bradford who won his age category (14 years and under with an average of 23:59); it should be noted that Alex’s average time is a very respectable ride for anyone, let alone someone of his age!

Fortunately for myself the end of the Kildwick series isn’t quite the end of the season; I have a min-break of a few days coming up prior to a few open 25 and 50 mile TT’s. Hopefully, the fine weather of a few weeks back will return.

The final note has to be again to reiterate thanks to all the organisers and helpers through the year. Obviously of particular note are all at Bronte Wheelers and Nelson Wheelers for putting on the events and also to Skipton CC for consistently providing marshals through the course of the season. Personally and collectively we are really grateful to you all!

The Strava action is here for those inclined.

Full Results:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,22,David Kinloch,21:25,+4:58,1,Ph Mas,45
2,10,Steve Ayres,21:44,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,35
3,29,Doug Hart,21:51,+4:18,2,Ilkley CC,42
4,25,Andrew Wooler,21:55,,,Ph Mas,36
5,23,Seth Smith,22:03,+4:06,3,Bradford Olympic,42
6,16,Thomas Wood,22:27,,,Paul Milnes ,19
7,13,Conor Palliser,22:34,,,East Bradford,18
8,18,Robert Watson,23:05,,,Jedi Cycle Sport,23
9,28,Ben Cook,23:25,+2:39,7,Bronte Whs,41
10,15,Adrian Jones,23:26,+2:57,5,PhMas,45
11,9,Brit Tate,23:54,,,GB,20
12,8,Luke Cater,23:55,,,Skipton CC,25
13,17,Jonny Tomes,24:07,,,Jedi Cycle Sport,21
14,21,Steve Moorhouse,24:08,+3:01,4,Nelson Whs,55
15,7,Steve Lloyd,24:10,+2:13,11,Skipton Whs,45
16,24,Tony Shaw,24:12,+2:29,9,Nelson Whs,49
17,2,Steve Wilkinson,24:13,+2:37,8,Nelson Whs,51
18,27,Richard Gate,24:14,+2:18,10,albaRosa,47
19,12,Karl Rutins,24:19,+2:50,6,Skipton CC,55
20 (Tandem),19/20,Jason Bateman / Liz Stefanuti,24:24,,,Pendle Forest CC / Skipton CC,42 / 33
21,26,Kevin Hickie,25:23,+1:18,12,Bronte Whs,49
22,5,Peter Lord,25:33,+0:31,15,Skipton CC,41
23,1,Peter Stone,25:39,+0:44,13,Bronte Whs,45
24,3,Ian Wilcock,25:53,+0:39,14,Nelson Whs,47
25,11,Craig Wilson,26:34,-0:02,17,Nelson Whs,47
26,6,Steve Robinson,26:40,+0:24,16,Craven Energy,54
27,14,Peter Haigh,28:21,-0:43,18,Nelson Whs,60
28,4,Paul Norman,31:29,-4:24,19,Skipton CC,54