Wet, wet, wet…..!

Last night’s Kildwick 10, the 3rd of the year was a pretty damp affair! As I rode over I was waiting for the heavens to open and was praying that I could get to the sanctuary of the bus stop by the finish before they did!

As it happened the rain held off until around 7:20, but when it came down it really did!

On the night Jason Bateman (Pendle Forest) was fasted by plenty with a time of 21:12. Whenever Jason attends he usually wins, unless Olympic champion Steven Burke makes an appearance.

Myself and Alex Barusevicus rode for VC Bradford.  Fortunately for myself I was off number 7 and conditions were pretty good initially and I was on target for going under 22 minutes after about ¾ of the ride, but the last couple of miles were much slower than normal, as the rain came in and the light level dropped very quickly. I think next time rain is threatened I’ll remove my helmet visor, as it misted up with a great sauna effect and I might as well have closed my eyes for the last mile or so….

  • Alex: 24:53
  • Me: 22:17

Thanks to Bronte Wheelers, the promoting club and thanks to all the helpers and Marshalls, without which we wouldn’t have this great weekly opportunity.

Link to my Strava ride here.

Full Results:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]Pos,Rider,Time,Club,Vets on Standard
1,Jason Bateman,21:12,Pendle Forest,1
2,Steve Ayres,22:17,VC Bfd,-
3,Connor Palliser,22:22,East Bradford,-
4,James Tudor,23:05,Rossendale,-
5,Ben Howe,23:33,CSP,-
6,Adrian Jones,23:52,PH Mass,5=
7,Steve Lloyd,24:06,Skipton CC,7
8,Simon Pickard,24:09,Jedi,4
9,Katherine Church,24:10,Ilkley CC,2
10,Ben Cook,24:19,Bronte Whs,11
11,Stephen Moorhouse,24:31,Nelson Whs,3
12,Dave Johnston,24:44,PH Mass,12
13,Martin Welsh,24:50,Pendle Forest,8
14,Alex Barusevicus,24:53,VC Bfd,-
15,Kevin Hickie,25:00,Bronte Whs,10
16,David Green,25:01,Bronte Whs,9
17,Matt Pearce,25:02,Bronte Whs,-
18,Tony Shaw,25:24,Nelson Whs,13
19,Paul Complin,25:57,Pendle Forest,5=
20,Bill Belcher,26:33,Clayton Velo,14
21,Peter Stone,26:36,Bronte Whs,17
22,Joe Greaves,27:11,Bronte Whs,15=
23,Bernard Clayton,27:16,Pendle Forest,-
24,Martin Humphris,27:23,Skipton CC,-
25,Steve Robinson,27:34,Craven Energy,18
26,Peter Haigh,27:35,Nelson Whs,15=
27,Gary Harris,28:42,Pendle Forest,20
28,Richard Annable,28:50,Skipton CC,19
29,Andrew Swindels,29:08,Skipton CC,-
30,Liz Stefanuti,30:27,Skipton CC,-
31,Ed Whitaker,30:32,Skipton CC,21
32,Johnny Gill,31:54,Ilkley CC,-