Oh boy, was it wet and windy tonight for the 4th Kildwick 10 of the season!

The evening was run by Nelson Wheelers and having been inundated with riders for the their first event a month ago there were just 15 brave (read stupid and slightly wrong in the head) riders that took part tonight.

The forecast had looked ominous all week and it delivered with a lot of water and some very strong winds. Generally riding really was difficult and all riders (I think) were significantly down on where they might be on a more ‘normal’ night.

The highlight was most definitely first time-trial efforts for VC Bradford members Darren Caines and Mark Place, who both put in really good efforts in as challenging a conditions as they’ll face. Onward and upward now guys!

  • Me: – 23:43
  • Mark Place: – 26:38
  • Darren Caines: – 26:54

We’re always indebted to the organisers (Nelson Wheelers tonight) and the marshalls, but extra special thanks tonight! It wasn’t that pleasant to ride (although we all enjoyed it really!) and I’m sure standing around in the rain wasn’t that great either, so many thanks!

Back for more next week!

Link to my Strava ride here.

Full Results:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,10,Steve Ayres,23:43,-,-,VC Bfd/Pennine
2,13,Garry Cockroft,24:01,-,-,Bronte Whs
3,7,Jonny Tomes,24:19,-,-,Jedi
4,14,Davey Johnston,25:08,+0:51,3,PH Mas
5,9,Steve Moorhouse,25:48,+1:21,1,Nelson Whs
6,6,Steve Robinson,25:59,+1:00,2,Craven Energy
7,11,Mark Place,26:38,-,-,VC Bfd/Pennine
8=,8,Karl Rutins,26:54,+0:15,4,Skipton CC
8=,12,Darren Caines,26:54,-0:22,5,VC Bfd/Pennine
10,15,Chris Lancaster,27:18,-0:33,6,Ilkley CC
11,3,Craig Wilson,27:19,-0:52,7,Nelson Whs
12,2,Tony Shaw,27:53,0,8,Nelson Whs
13,5,Christian Townsley,29:30,-,-,Skipton CC
14,4,Peter Jagan,30:26,0,9,Craven Energy
15,1,Paul Complin,DNF,-,-,Pendle Forest[/table]