Wohooo, sunshine!! Finally, we managed a Kildwick 10 that wasn’t blighted by some kind of apocalyptic weather!

For quite a few days I’ve been eyeing the forecast for today and thinking it looked pretty good. In fact the day has been so nice it was hard to resist the urge to kick back the keyboard and mouse and just head out!

As it happened the conditions for tonight’s event were good, but in all honesty not amazing. A pretty stiff westerly made the outward portion hard work and although it gave a bit of a push coming back it was awkwardly from the side at times. Still I’m not complaining, it was far better than the last couple of weeks!

Jason Bateman (AKA ‘The Stig’) was in attendance, thus duly won with a more than respectable time of 20:54. I was second with a 22:18, but Jason was still able to put close to 90 seconds into me; I’ll get closer to him by the end of the season 🙂

Myself, Mark Place and Alex Barusevicus rode for VC Bradford. Mark put in a really good effort for only his second TT and being his first in non-torrential conditions now has a benchmark time. Alex put in another solid performance; if he keeps working hard he’ll be formidable in a couple of years!

Thanks as ever to the organising club (Bronte Wheelers) and all the marshalls and helpers, we truly appreciate it!

Link to Strava ride here

Full Results:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,26,Jason Bateman,20:54,+5:15,1,Pendle Forest CC,42
2,6,Sreve Ayres,22:18,-,-,VC Bfd/Pennine,35
3,15,Conor Palliser,22:39,-,-,East Bradford CC,18
4,12,Joe Moses,22:53,-,-,Wheelbase Altura,20
5,37/40,Garry Cockroft,23:48,-,-,Bronte Wheelers,38
6,2,Simon Pickard,23:51,+2:45,3,Jedi Cycle Sport,48
7,39/41,Ben Cook,24:05,+1:54,9=,Bronte Whs,40
8,1,Jonny Tomes,24:08,-,-,Jedi Cycle Sport,20
9=,3,Steve Lloyd,24:10,+2:13,8,Skipton CC,45
9=,22,Adam Holmes,24:10,-,-,Skipton CC,21
11,30,Ian Duckworth,24:15,+1:54,9=,Nelson Whs,42
12,25,Steve Wilkinson,24:17,+2:33,4,Nelson Whs,51
13,9,Katherine Church,24:28,+3:45,2,Ilkley CC,42
14,27,Alex Barusevicus,24:39,-,-,VC Bfd/Pennine,14
15,16,Karl Rutins,24:47,+2:22,6,Skipton CC,55
16,35,David Green,25:00,+1:45,11,Bronte Whs,50
17,5,Mark Place,25:15,-,-,VC Bfd/Pennine,32
18,29,Martin Welsh,25:19,+1:31,13,Pendle Forest CC,51
19,36,Martin Brass,25:21,+1:33,12,Pendle Forest ,52
20,31,Emily Hallworth,25:22,-,-,Ilkley CC,36
21,4,Kevin Hickie,25:37,+1:04,14,Bronte Wheelers,49
22,33,Kali Exley,25:44,+2:18,7,Craven Energy,40
23,38,Matthew Pearce,25:44,-,-,Bronte Whs,39
24,24,Paul Complin,26:00,+2:23,5,Pendle Forest CC,66
25,17,Luke Cater,26:02,-,-,Skipton CC,25
26,34,Steve Robinson,26:31,+0:28,15,Craven Energy,53
27,23,Peter Stone,26:43,-0:20,17,Bronte Whs,45
28,21,Bruce Dinsmore,26:48,-0:16,16,Skipton CC,47
29,20,Christian Townsley,27:25,-,-,Skipton CC,39
30,19,Luke Mallinder,27:28,-,-,Skipton CC,32
31,10,Daniel Locke,28:14,-,-,Aire Valley,31
32,7,Peter Jagan,28:36,-0:30,18,Craven Energy,64
33,32,Clive Boothman,29:13,-0:50,19,Ilkley CC,66
34,11,Matt Richardson,29:28,-,-,Skipton CC,39
35,8,Alison Bell,29:45,-,-,Craven Energy,26
36,18,Steve Wilkinson,30:01,-2:02,20,Skipton CC ,63
37,14,Liz Stefanuti,30:07,-,-,Skipton CC,33
38,13,Paul Norman,31:33,-4:29,21,Skipton CC,54
39,28,Wendy Huntriss,32:58,-4:56,22,Pedalsport,40[/table]