Well, well! Two half descent Wednesday nights on the trot! We were especially blessed given that as I type on Thursday morning I’m looking out of the window at a mini monsoon!

The sunshine and warm temperatures brought plenty of riders out to the 6th Kildwick 10 of the year. There were 43 riders in total and coupled with the start of a fell race near the start/finish area there was quite a buzz with plenty of riders, runners and cars around. I have to admit I’m pretty sure those fell running (in fact any running) folk are a little crazy (it’s gotta hurt your knees!), but I’m sure their feeling towards time trialists is much the same!

We also had our best team turn out of the year with 4 of us riding for VC Bradford.  The conditions on the course were generally good, probably the best of the year so far, but with a moderate head-wind on the outward leg they weren’t perfect, they’ll be better later in the year I’m sure. The very sensible decision to alter the finish location slightly was made due to the large number of cars and people around on the normal slip-road finish and rather than pulling off the riders carried on down the main road a little further to the finish.

The tandem pairing of John Rigby-Jones & Katherine Church (Ilkley CC) had the fasted time with a 20:55. The fastest solo time was yours truly with a 22:04 (if only I’d pushed a little harder for that 5 seconds), followed by Chris Smedley (Nelson Wheelers) with a 22:11 and then Andy Pearce (Jedi Cycle Sport) with a 22:17. For the VC Bradford riders it was a night of great rides with Mark Place and Darren Caines both posting excellent times and PB’s in only their 3rd and 2nd races respectively. Alex Barusevicus continues to impress with some very consistent riding.

  • Steve Ayres (Me) – 22:04
  • Alex Barusevicus – 24:15
  • Mark Place – 24:39
  • Darren Caines – 24:47

There are as always lots of people to thank! Bronte Wheelers (the host club) and all the associated helpers and marshalls. Special thanks to Dave Green from Bronte who had the very unenviable task of trying to sort out the finishing riders from those warming up on the end of the course (due to the finish change); not easy at all with the large field! Many, many thanks! Thanks also to Karl Rutins and Raymond Bracewell for providing some most excellent photos of the nights riding!

Next Wednesday is the 25 mile TT run by Bronte Wheelers and I’ve also got a 25 this Saturday, so the attention switches to the longer distances for a while.

Link to my Strava ride here.

I like this photo as it makes my legs look browner than they really are! (Photo: Karl Rutins)

I like this photo as it makes my legs look browner than they really are! (Photo: Karl Rutins)

Alex laying down the watts! (Photo: Raymond Bracewell)

Alex laying down the watts! (Photo: Raymond Bracewell)

Dazler living up to his name! (Photo: Karl Rutins)

Dazler living up to his name! (Photo: Karl Rutins)

Mark doing his 'tongue out' dog impression. (Photo: Karl Rutins)

Mark doing his ‘tongue out’ dog impression. (Photo: Karl Rutins)

Ohhh, that's a nice looking tandem!!

Ohhh, that’s a nice looking tandem!! (Photo: Karl Rutins)

Full Results below:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,28/29,John Rigby-Jones & Katherine Church,20:55,+3:33,4,Ilkley CC,42/42
2,23,Steve Ayres,22:04,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,35
3,27,Chris Smedley,22:11,+3:53,2=,Nelson Whs,41
4,13,Andy Peace,22:17,+4:06,1,Jedi,45
5,39,Andrew Wooler,22:28,,,Ph Mas,35
6,2,Jamie Ridehalgh,22:50,,,KCA,15
7,12,Joe Moses,22:56,,,Wheelbase,20
8,15,Adrian Jones,23:01,+3:17,6,Ph Mas,44
9,14,Ben Howe,23:30,,,CSP,35
10,26,Steve Lloyd,23:34,+2:49,9,Skipton CC,45
11=,8,Simon Pickard,23:38,+2:58,8,Jedi,48
11=,21,Steve Wilkinson,23:38,+3:12,7,Nelson Whs,51
13,34,Paul Clegg,23:42,,,Leeds/Bfd Tri,25
14,40,Alex Barusevicus,24:15,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,14
15,20,Kevin Hickie,24:20,+2:21,10,Bronte Whs,49
16,10,Nigel Austin,24:21,+3:53,2=,Otley CC,65
17,9,Gary Murfin,24:24,+1:49,11,Settle,43
18,31,Sam Straw,24:28,,,Alba Rosa,24
19,5,Tim Small,24:30,,,Bronte Whs,18
20,24,Mark Place,24:39,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,32
21,25,Darren Caines,24:47,+1:45,12,VC Bfd/Pennine,47
22,38,Paul Complin,24:54,+3:29,5,Pendle Forest,66
23,33,Iain Murray,25:02,+1:02,13,Skipton CC,41
24,18,Matt Pearce,25:18,,,Bronte Whs,39
25,1,Alex Ridehalgh,25:54,,,KCA,14
26,19,Peter Stone,26:14,+0:09,15,Bronte Whs,45
27,22,Dave Copeman,26:26,-0:03,16,Nelson Whs,45
28,30,Bruce Dinsmore,26:36,-0:04,17,Skipton CC,47
29,6,Joe Greaves,26:44,+0:30,14,Bronte Whs,56
30,41,John Wilson,26:49,,,Bronte Whs,32
31,17,Dave Kilmister,26:54,-0:22,18,Bronte Whs,47
32,32,Chris Brouard,27:17,0,22,CSP,43
33,43,Lee Bilbrough,27:24,,,Bronte Whs,37
34,35,Bob Wightman,27:35,-0:26,19,Skipton CC,55
35,11,Richard Annable,28:13,-0:59,21,Skipton CC,56
36,42,Andrew Hughes,28:21,,,Bronte Whs,36
37,44,Alan Green,28:24,-0:46,20,Bronte Whs,60
38,16,Liz Stefanuti,29:14,,,Skipton CC,33
39,4,Gary Harris,29:41,0,26,Pendle Forest,53
40,3,Jonny Gill,29:56,,,Ilkley CC,12
41,36,Cath Wightman,30:11,-1:23,23,Skipton CC,49
42,7,Vicky Horrocks,30:18,-2:10,24,Alba Rosa,41
43,37,Beverley Hardie,30:39,-2:20,25,Craven Energy,43[/table]