The BBC weather was suggesting that it might clear-up a little for the evening and it looked as though it might just do it, but quite comically as soon as the first rider went off the heavens opened and it absolutely hammered down, more or less until the last rider was home when it stopped and brightened up a little. By the time I drove off it was quite a nice evening!

Although it was very wet it was actually not a windy night really, which made conditions a little more bearable and better than expected. In all there were 18 riders.

I was off number 5 and as I was about to start a 20 strong group of riders charged past at quite a pace. They had about 45 seconds on me, which gave me something to aim at and I went off at a fair lick in an effort to catch them. When I did catch them it was a little ‘interesting’ trying to get past in the pouring rain with the cars that were also trying to pass backing up; I may not have availed myself with the very best road etiquette at the time! I have to admit it felt quite good to hear one of them exclaim ‘Jesus he’s moving it’ as I went by, which spurred me on a little!

I ended with a time of 22:05, which I was quite pleased with given the conditions and the ‘weaving’ past etc. though that’s the 3rd time this year I’ve been within 5 seconds of the 21’s!

Nelson Wheelers were the host club and many thanks to them for their marshalling and time-keeping efforts; they seem to be getting some of the worst weather on their events this year!

The Strava action is here for those inclined.

Full Results:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]
1,5,Steve Ayres,22:05,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,35
2,15,Conor Palliser,23:20,,,East Bradford,18
3,12,Jonny Tomes,23:47,,,Jedi,20
4,8,Ian Duckworth,23:56,+2:13,3,Nelson Whs,42
5,11,Mark Horrocks,24:05,+2:40,1,Hope,50
6,16,Garry Cockroft,24:08,,,Bronte Whs,38
7,2,S Dowson,24:24,+1:45,5,Settle,42
8,6,Karl Rutins,24:44,+2:25,2,Skipton CC,55
9,3,A Gates,24:51,+1:36,6,Clitheroe,46
10,4,Steve Lloyd,25:05,+1:18,7,Skipton CC,45
11,9,Tony Shaw,25:31,+1:05,9,Nelson Whs,48
12,7,Kevin Hickie,25:34,+1:07,8,Bronte Whs,49
13,13,David Green,25:53,+0:52,10,Bronte Whs,50
14,10,Craig Wilson,26:04,+0:28,11,Nelson Whs,47
15,1,Matt Pearce,26:13,,,Bronte Whs,39
16=,14,Peter Stone,27:13,-1:09,12,Bronte Whs,41
16=,17,Carol Young,27:13,+2:07,4,Craven Energy,55
18,18,Paul Thomas,28:50,-2:46,13,Ilkley CC,41