Having missed last week’s Kildwick 10 on other duties it was nice to return to familiar ground this week on a really warm and pleasant summer’s (yes summer) evening.

With temperatures of over 20C it really did feel warm; it was nice to have a steady ride over to the race with Darren and not have to worry about the weather at all. We arrived pretty early, but with such a nice night there were already a fair few people around and it was obviously going to be a full one.

Conditions on the course were perhaps a little windier than expected, but it was a strange cross-wind that seemed to both help and hinder on both that outward and return legs in places.

In terms of my ride I was pleased to have paced it quite well. I must have ridden the course getting on for 50 times in various forms now and I’m still not sure I know the best way to approach it! I ended with a PB for the Kildwick course of 21:43 and came second on the night to Rob Partridge (Velosure-Giordana) who returned home in an impressive 20:40. Darren Caines from VC Bradford returned a very respectable 25:08; I know Darren will just get quicker and quicker if he keeps racing, he’s got a proper diesel engine on him!

Many thanks to Bronte Wheelers (the host club) and also those who marshalled, kept time and pushed off at the start. Thanks also to Stephen Lloyd for doubling up his marshalling duties with some great photos as well (see below)!!

The Strava action is here for those inclined.

Full Results:

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]

1,21,Rob Partridge,20:40,,,Velosure,28,,,
2,10,Steve Ayres,21:43,,,VC Bfd/Pennine,35,,,
3,34,Chris Yates,22:00,+5:20,1,Otley CC,57,,,
4,32,Chris Smedley,22:05,+3:59,2,Nelson Whs,41,,,
5,29,Andrew Wooler,22:16,,,PH Mas,36,,,
6,20,Alex Fold,22:18,,,PH Mas,25,,,
7,26,Ian Cliffe,22:37,+3:48,3,Ilkley CC,41,,,
8,27,Olly Paton,22:58,,,PH Mas,17,,,
9,6,Chris Kempton,23:03,+3:20,4=,Ilkley CC,45,,,
10,19,Conor Palliser,23:10,,,East Bradford,18,,,
11,16,Adrian Jones,23:17,+3:01,8,PH Mas,44,,,
12,39,Ben Cook,23:26,+2:29,14,Bronte Whs,41,,,
13,5,Tim Ashleford,23:28,+3:17,6,Ilkley CC,50,,,
14,12,Ian Duckworth,23:32,+2:37,13,Nelson Whs,42,,,
15,33,Kevin Hickie,23:33,+3:08,7,Bronte Whs,49,,,
16,38,Garry Cockroft,23:35,,,Bronte Whs,38,,,
17,13,Richard Gate,23:44,+2:48,10,Albarosa,47,,,
18,22,Simon Pickard,23:45,+2:51,9,Jedi,48,,,
19,9,Karl Rutins,23:49,+3:20,4=,Skipton CC,55,,,
20,37,David Green,24:05,+2:40,12,Bronte Whs,50,,,
21,28,Adam Holmes,24:06,,,Skipton CC,21,,,
22,25,Simon Dowson,24:08,+2:01,19,Settle Whs,42,,,
23,17,Andy Gates,24:16,+2;11,16,Clitheroe,46,,,
24=,24,Matt Pearce,24:25,,,Bronte Whs,39,,,
24=,31,Craig Wilson,24:25,+2:07,17,Nelson Whs,47,,,
26,15,Andy Blackwood,24:28,+2:04,18,Ilkley CC,47,,,
27,4,Russell Marsden,24:44,+1:43,21,Pendle Forest CC,46,,,
28,30,Tony Shaw,24:51,+1:50,20,Nelson Whs,49,,,
29,18,Peter Stone,24:53,+1:30,22,Bronte Whs,45,,,
30,11,Darren Cains,25:08,+1:24,23,VC Bfd/Pennine,47,,,
31,14,Ian Findley,25:13,,,Chevin Cycles,23,,,
32,36,Paul Complin,25:37,+2:46,11,Pendle Forest CC,66,,,
33,3,Kali Exley,25:46,+2:16,15,Craven Energy,40,,,
34,35,Ben Greenhough,25:50,,,Albarosa,21,,,
35,8,Joe Greaves,26:32,+0:42,24,Bronte Whs,56,,,
36,23,Steve Robinson,26:40,+0:24,26,Craven Energy,54,,,
37,1,Terry Pickles,27:57,+0:35,25,Bronte Whs,67,,,
38,7,Liz Stefanuti,28:09,,,Skipton CC,33,,,
39,2,Jonny Gill,31:10,,,Ilkley CC,12,,,
40,40,Dan Jay-Webster,DNF,,,Ilkley CC,,,,


Darren Kildwick 10 18/06/2013

Darren gliding around the middle TI nicely…

Steve Kildwick 10 18/06/2013

Probably not my best angle 🙂 But then again I’m not sure I have one!