Sunday was my second time-trial in as many days. It was the Lancashire Road Club 25 on the L2525 course at Garstang, north of Preston.

I’ve tended to do Saturday afternoon time trials this season and this was actually my first Sunday morning one and didn’t I know it when the alarm clock went off at 05:30!! After a bleary eyed attempt at breakfast I headed across to Garstang. It was actually the same HQ as a 10 I’d done earlier in the season, so I was glad of some familiarity.

The course is actually quite unusual in that it’s neither a loop nor an out and back; it actually runs pretty much in each direction for about a 10km each. This meant that with a fairly strong westerly you got a headwind, a tailwind and side-winds from both directions. There’s also a slightly unusual turn in the road after about 10km, which on the face of it sounds like a bad idea, but actually providing the traffic isn’t heavy it’s probably faster than heading around a tight TI.

Lancashire RC 25

A slightly unusual shaped course.

My aversion to early mornings meant that I didn’t have a great deal of time for warming up, but the 4 mile roll out to the start was helpful in that respect. The start was actually adjacent to a Sainsbury’s car park; I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many time-trial bikes circling around a supermarket car park!

I’ve tried hard the last few races to pace myself better, but ultimately I did head-off a little too fast, anxious to make use of the reasonable conditions for the first quarter of the ride. By the time I reached the 3rd and 4th quarters (into and with the wind respectively) I wasn’t really at my best. In the end I crossed the line with a 56:55, which given then fairly stiff wind I was reasonably pleased with.

Unfortunately, I lost out on a minute on the official results; a fellow rider that I spoke to prior to the race actually got given a slower time than someone he caught, but these things happen and short of doubling entry fees and using timing chips it’s always a possibility. On the day John Morgan (Preston Wheelers) was fastest with his 54:17, Nigel Haigh (Strategic Lions) was second with 54:42 and Paul Fleming (Preston Wheelers) was third with a 54:47. My time left me somewhere around 6th/7th I think.

Thanks to Lancashire Road club for a great event and many thanks to all the marshalls and helpers.

The only bad point of the whole weekend was that as I pulled away in the car I head a loud ‘crunch’ only to find I’d reversed over my TT helmet. Doh! Doh! Doh! I’ve duly burrowed one for now, but I could have done without that!

Strava action here.

Amazingly high quality photo of the results!

Lancashire RC 25 Results

Lancashire RC 25 Results