In his latest blog V.C.Bradford member shares his top 10 ride in his Easter time trial.


Lancaster CC Hilly 21.6 Mile


In truth my Easter weekend has been pretty light on cycling. An opportunity to see the family altogether up in Cumbria had been on the cards for some time. However, I did manage to wangle a stop at Caton (just outside Lancaster) en route for the Lancaster CC Hilly 21.6 SPOCO event on Easter Sunday morning.

The weather was generally pretty fine and had not been bad at all for a few days, however, the forecast was for a stiff and fairly unusual North Easterly wind and it didn’t disappoint!

The course is relatively straight forward; it runs in a generally North and Easterly direction along the A683 through Hornby (I always wondered if that had anything to do with Hornby Trains, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t!) before hitting the main A65 at Kirkby Lonsdale. At this point roughly half the course has been ridden and after a short run along the A65 you turn left and run along some very pleasant back roads roughly parallel with the outward leg. The finish is about a mile or so away from the start. Although there are not really what you would describe and any significant hills along the way the course is definitely rolling and there are some stiff rises, definitely enough to describe it as ‘hilly’.

Lancaster CC Hilly 21.6

I actually used to live in Kirkby Lonsdale in a previous life and went to Lancaster University, so despite having never ridden in the area I had a pretty good idea of the route.

As far as the ride itself was concerned it was distinctly one of two halves. Due to the strong wind the outward leg was absolute agony into a roaring headwind. I’ve ridden in some pretty grim conditions before, but I have to say the first 10 miles were amongst my hardest ever. Controlling the bike wasn’t easy and I did have to come off the aerobars a couple of times to steady myself. At times I really did feel like I was about to blow-up, but I managed to keep some focus and keep going. Most of the climbing is actually in the second half, but without the killer headwind it felt much more free-flowing and had some genuinely exciting swooping bends and fast descents. I’m reliably informed that generally going out is much easier, so the conditions were unusual. If nothing else the outward leg was great training!

I ended with a time of 54.49, which felt a little slow, but in my limited experience I still find it hard to judge a ride and it turned out it was comfortably in the top 10. I’ve not seen a full results sheet as yet, but I do recall that the winning time was a short 52, which given the dire conditions on the first half was an impressive ride.

It was another great event that I really enjoyed. Whilst I will definitely be hunting out some flat courses to set benchmark times this year, I do really enjoy the hilly courses and ultimately I can see that’s where I’ll concentrate more in seasons to come.

Many thanks to Lancaster CC for the great event and to my girlfriend for patiently waiting for me and not complaining too much when I got oil all over her nice new(ish) jacket, oops!

Link to Strava ride here. Full results below.

Lancaster21.6_CloseUp Lancaster21.6_Corner

Full Results

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]Pos,Rider,Club,Time
1,Richard Bickley,Border City Whs CC,52:07
2,Peter Greenwood,Team Swift,52:54
3,Adam Hartley,Velocity WD-40,53:48
4,Mark Haydock,North Lancs RC,54:08
5,Adrian Dalgleish,Lune RCC,54:10
6,Duncan Park,North Lancs RC,54:26
7,Chris Anderson,Lakes Road Club,54:28
8,David Robinson,VC Cumbria,54:45
9,Stephen Ayres,VC Bradford,54:49
10,Ian Stott,Blackburn & District CTC,55:00
11,Rob Dickinson,Clitheroe Bike Club,55:19
12,Randle Shenton,Team Swift,55:55
13,Antony Pilkington,Cleveleys RC,56:11
14,Nathan Turnbull,Leigh Premier Road Club,56:45
15,Chris Smedley,Nelson Whs CC,56:46
16,Andrew Barlow,Kent Valley RC,57:01
17,Ian Rutherford,Lune RCC,57:33
18,Derek Schofield,Rossendale RC,57:57
19,Simon Lester,Team Jewson MI Racing,58:38
20,Stuart Timmins,North Lancs RC,59:05
21,Graham Carrick,Lakes Road Club,59:22
22,Mike Westmorland,Border City Whs CC,00:05
23,David Cherry,Border City Whs CC,00:07
24,Stephen Gardner,Lancaster CC,00:28
25,William Belcher,Clayton Velo,00:31
26,Richie Watts,Rossendale RC,00:59
27,David Ebbrell,Blackburn & District CTC,01:17
28,Mike O Shea,Rossendale RC,01:35
29,Dave Horton,Lancaster CC,02:15
30,Geoff Duteson,Preston Wheelers,03:27
31,Claire Munton,Vegetarian C & AC,05:14
32,Dave Hunt,Rossendale RC,07:04
33,Colin Reynolds,Leigh Premier Road Club,09:28
34,Peter Knott,Ribble Valley CRC,16:06
35,David Tinker,Clayton Velo,19:48
1001,Alex Forbes,Border City Wheelers,
1002,Jon Barry,Lune RCC,
1003,Paul Greenhalgh,Manchester Wheelers Club,
1004,Neil Hughes-Hutchings,Morden CRC,
1005,Ron Valovin,North Lancs RC,
1006,Paul Ray,Ribble Valley CRC,
1007,Neale Baines,Ribble Valley CRC,
1008,Matthew James,Rossendale RC,
1009,David Shorrock,Team Jewson MI Racing,