Recently I’ve been doing some Sunday morning time trials, as opposed to the Saturday afternoon ones I was doing earlier in the season. These are a bit more ‘family friendly’, as you’re often back home in plenty of time to do something for the day. The trade-off though is the early starts and this Sunday was an early one for sure. As my alarm went off at 5am and I peered out of the window to what looked like freezing mist I wished it was a warm Saturday afternoon, ha!

I was headed for the Lancaster CC 25 over at Levens near Kendal on the L2524 course. The drive over was slow owing to the fog and on arrival it was pretty cold (my car said 6oC), but within minutes the sun was out and a glorious day broke through!

The course is an extension of the famously quick L1015 course on which Bradley Wiggins broke the competition 10 with the first ‘in competition’ sub 18 (I think) with 17:58. The 25 course isn’t in the same league of quick courses though, as you have to ascend back up the ‘gift’ hill that you get at the start of the 10 and at one point you deviate off onto a relatively small back-round for a turn around a mini TI. That said I really like the course, it literally has a bit of everything.

With the weather being sunny and relatively still and the fact that a fair chunk of the course is on good fast roads I knew it could be a reasonable day. I ended with a 54:48, which is a PB for a 25, though still not as far as I did my first 50 in a couple of weeks ago! I was also happy to do a 21:17 for the last 10 miles (which is actually the L1015 course); only 20 seconds slower than the time I did when actually riding the 10 earlier in the season.

John Morgan (Preston Wheelers) was the run-away winner with 51:49, but after than things got a lot closer with less than a minute separating 2nd through to 7th. Paul Grindley (Liverpool Mercury RC) was 2nd with 53:56 and Paul Fleming (Preston Wheelers) 3rd with a 54:12. Fastest lady on the day was Judith Irving (Kent Valley RC) with 1:03:39 and fastest Vet was Michael Black (Cleveleys RC) whose time of 1:12:44 was a whooping 15:19 faster than his standard! Spare a thought for Zoe Whiteside who missed her start time by over 22 minutes! I’m not sure of the reason behind the miss, but kudos for riding anyway!

Many thanks to Lancaster CC for their organisation and of course to all the marshalls; a special thanks to Brian Kennedy who helped resolve an initial issue with the results that saw me winning some cash for the 4th placed vet owing to a slight increase in my age from 35 to 56!

Not too many more TT’s left for the season now, but I think there’s still 3 25’s and a 50 to come, so I can’t quite kick-back for a break just yet!

Strava action here.

Full Results

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]


1,John Morgan,Preston Wheelers,00:51:49,38,,
2,Paul Grindley,Liverpool Mercury RC,00:53:56,51,01:08:14,14:18
3,Paul Fleming,Preston Wheelers,00:54:12,49,01:07:50,13:38
4,Ian Cox,North Lancs RC,00:54:23,44,01:06:51,12:28
5,Jason Bateman,Pendle Forest CC,00:54:39,42,01:06:26,11:47
6,Ryan Coulton,Salt Ayre Cog Set,00:54:45,15,,
7,Stephen Ayres,VC Bradford,00:54:48,35,,
8,Peter Walker,Leigh Premier RC,00:55:00,37,,
9,Patrick Pennefather,Rock to Roll Cycles,00:55:50,35,,
10,Adam Hartley,Velocity WD-40,00:55:51,15,,
11,Adrian Hughes,North Cheshire Clarion,00:56:04,47,01:07:26,11:22
12,Thomas Brook,Lancaster CC,00:56:37,25,,
13,Danny Burrows, RT,00:56:49,38,,
14,Greg Plummer,Cleveleys RC,00:56:57,54,01:08:52,11:55
15,Sam Holden,Lancashire RC,00:57:01,25,,
16,Steven Horrocks,Lancashire RC,00:57:05,40,01:06:00,08:55
17,Tony Workman,Lancashire RC,00:57:11,42,01:06:26,09:15
18,Michael Black,Cleveleys RC,00:57:25,67,01:12:44,15:19
19,Thomas Gibson,Kent Valley RC,00:57:40,24,,
20,Ian Wilcock,Nelson Whs CC,00:58:19,47,01:07:26,09:07
21,Simon Lester,Team Jewson – MI Racing,00:58:24,62,01:10:57,12:33
22,David Hargreaves,North Lancs RC,00:58:32,68,01:13:10,14:38
23,Jon Longworth,Bury Clarion,00:58:35,44,01:06:51,08:16
24,Mike Westmorland,Border City Whs CC,00:58:39,69,01:13:37,14:58
25,Michael Cliffe,St Helens CRC,00:58:42,33,,
26,Rob Dickinson,Clitheroe Bike Club,00:58:51,47,01:07:26,08:35
27,Peter Heywood,Nelson Whs CC,00:58:52,47,01:07:26,08:34
28,David Trotter,Lancaster CC,00:59:02,35,,
29,Tony Curtis,Clitheroe Bike Club,00:59:05,52,01:08:26,09:21
30,Ian Sibbert,Lancaster CC,00:59:06,45,01:07:03,07:57
31,Stephen Moorhouse,Nelson Whs CC,00:59:07,56,01:09:19,10:12
32,Daniel Bolton,Chorley Cycling Club,00:59:48,38,,
33,David Green,Bronte Whs,01:00:41,50,01:08:02,07:21
34,Glen Howarth,Kent Valley ,01:00:47,55,01:09:05,08:18
35,Paul Craig,Triclan,01:01:04,36,,
36,David Haworth,North Lancs RC,01:01:24,68,01:13:10,11:46
37,Shaun Mchugh,North Lancs RC,01:02:23,41,01:06:13,03:50
38,Denis Thompson,West Pennine RC,01:02:25,64,01:11:36,09:11
39,Judith Irving,Kent Valley RC,07/09/2014 01:03,47,01:12:49,09:10
40,Peter Haigh,Nelson Wheelers,01:03:54,61,01:10:38,05:44
41,Andrew Dent,Pendle Forest CC,01:04:26,51,01:08:14,03:48
42,Theresa Taylor,Preston CC,01:04:39,54,01:14:23,09:44
43,John Leach,Rossendale RC,01:04:58,69,01:13:37,08:39
44,Harry Haseley,North Lancs RC,01:06:49,72,01:15:09,08:20
45,Jan Scotchford,North Lancs Road Club,01:06:59,48,01:13:02,06:03
46,Sue Cheetham,North Lancs RC,01:07:36,51,01:13:41,06:05
47,Neil Stirling,Kent Valley RC,01:13:48,74,01:16:20,2.32
48,Zoe Whiteside,Lancashire RC,01:27:52 (22:08 Late),41,01:11:28,-15m 24s