This week our director, Sandra, is taking part in the Trigger Your Blog, blogging challenge.  Yesterday she shared a little bit about herself and today she is sharing a cycling anecdote which not many people know!

Blogging is a bit scary for me as I don’t call myself a blogger. Today I’m off to speak at a Ladies4Networking lunch to motivate and inspire some ladies in business and I’m not scared about that. Those ladies will only retain some of what I actually say and my passion will shine through. The written word is different, it can be misinterpreted, it is out there for the world to see and I always wonder, will anyone read it?

Stalking Mario

I have lots of things people don’t know about me but the one that is amusing is the day I’m sure Mario Cipollini (an Italian flamboyant cyclist, know as the playboy of the peloton) must have thought I was stalking him.

Meeting Mario Cipollini

I first met him in Milan, Italy, at a Bicycle Show.  It was a chance meeting of being in the right place at the right time! He was on stage with all the former Italian National champions. Throughout the next couple of hours everywhere we seemed to wander he was there.

After that, I met him in Salzburg, Verona and Venice. He was everywhere and I’m sure he must have thought I was stalking him! I’d seen him win the Cycling World Champs in Zolder Belgium the first time but due to the crowds I couldn’t get near him.

A few years ago at Pennine Cycles we became a Cipollini dealer for his beautiful dream machines and I was invited to a dinner in Bristol where he was the guest of honour. I was gutted as it fell on the evening before I was booked to fly from Manchester to USA.  Maybe that was a good thing, I didn’t want him to think I was following him around Europe!