Today our Director, Sandra, is continuing her blogging challenge.  Today’s blog prompt was all about being active.

I was a little later tuning into the challenge this morning, when I did I knew the perfect activity to share. I’d just taken part in a 45-minute rpm class or spin class to some of you.

It’s always a good start to my Wednesday morning. I’m a member at Nuffield Gym. Although it was a beautiful warm morning attending the class fits in for me.  I enjoy cycling and I have loved taking part in spin classes for around 20 years. I thought I could never do spin as everyone looked super fit but I had the courage to try one when I was a member of Fitness First and I was hooked. Pedalling away to music with an instructor at the front shouting instructions and being amongst like-minded individuals in the group I had found an activity I enjoyed and one which benefitted my health and wellness.  Believe it or not, it was also fun and gave me that feel good factor. I couldn’t get enough of

I couldn’t get enough of rpm and spin classes I went early morning, evening and weekends and was lucky to have some fantastic, enthusiastic instructors.  I meet some great people in the classes and this morning was no exception. I hadn’t been for a few Wednesday mornings and it was good to be back in my diary.

For me, it’s important to have the correct footwear and I have some Fizik cycling shoes but trainers are fine. Padded shorts are essential and I love the new Sportful women’s pink chamois.

What to wear to a spin class

I like to wear a cycling top too and the pink one pictured is one from Sportful which at this time of year reminds me it’s Giro d’Italia time and I can imagine I am pedalling away in Italy!

What to wear to a spin class

A must for me are track mitts as your hands can get sweaty in class and feels more comfortable.

What to wear to a spin class

You’ll be pleased to know no helmet worn but you have to set your spin bike up correctly to find a comfortable position and sometimes people like to use a gel seat cover as the saddles are pretty dire. Any gym clothing can be worn but these are my tips and my preferences.

After a refreshing shower and hair wash I sat outside at the gym we have new furniture and the sun was shining and I drank water with fresh orange lime and lemon and relaxed in the sunshine admiring the lake view and new flower planters which have appeared and thought Summer has arrived.  After also enjoying an Arbonne vanilla protein shake I headed to Pennine Cycles and had a very busy afternoon and you could tell Summer had arrived.

I believe it is so important to remain active for flexibility and health as we get older and I hope you have something active that you enjoy too.