At Pennine Cycles one of the things we love and get very excited about is helping people who are new to the sport of cycling.  As a hobby cycling can be overwhelming at first.  Due to our passion for all things cycling and our commitment to helping others get the most from their cycling experience we enjoy directing and helping new people to have the most enjoyable cycling experience.

Cycling can be expensive for new cyclists.  There is of course a bike to purchase if you don’t have one already and then all the different accessories to help you look and feel like a proper cyclist.

Tips for New Cyclists


1 – It Starts with the Bike

We always recommend starting with the equipment you already have and take it from there.  If you don’t have a bike then we always make sure we will provide you with a bike which is suitable for your needs and most importantly a bike that fits you.  The most common problem we see in our shop is people who have been sold a bike which doesn’t fit them.  We make a commitment to all of our customers to make sure we get you the right bike, not just a bike we want to sell!

If you do already have a bike we will work with what you have.  Due to his years of cycling experience there is no-one better than our Managing Director Paul to show you improvements you can make to your bike.  It may only be slight alterations but these can make all the difference.

2 – Protect Your Head

Once your bike is ready for the road we really enjoy advising and helping our customers on the right equipment and accessories.  There are certain items which we believe are essential and others which you can build upon throughout the year.  To us the most essential piece of equipment is a helmet.  By protecting your head, if you did have an incident, you can save your life.

giro helmet

3 – Clip In

The next step is to have clipless pedals and shoes on your bike.  By clipping your shoes into your pedals you can create stronger pedal strokes and produce more power, especially when going up hill.  Clipless pedal systems are easy to use once you have practiced a time or two.

fizik shoes

4 – Wear The Kit

The time of year you are starting to cycle will dictate the clothing you will need.  In summer you need less than the colder, winter months.  This is where you can take your time to build up your cycling wardrobe.  Our essential clothing item is shorts with chamois.  These make for a much more comfortable ride.  If you are part of a club such as V.C.Bradford we highly recommend you purchasing the club kit.  This way you are recognised on the roads as belonging to a group and if you ride with the club you will feel part of it.

VC Bradford Club Kit

5 – Accessorise

From there on there are lots more accessories you can have, after all being a cyclist is fashionable too!  Jerseys, gloves and socks are usually the top of the list of items to get and of course once you start riding regularly you need a few of each.

It is so much fun helping people who are new to the sport and these are just a few of our tips.  If you are looking for help and advice then we would love to guide you.  You can contact us or call in to our shop.