Staying hydrated and keeping your energy levels up is so important when riding your bike.  It’s key to use the right nutrition products to help maintain your performance levels.  We are stockists of OTE energy and recovery products.  We chose to stock OTE as they have developed their products solely with performance in mind.  They are also a fellow Yorkshire company and we love to support local companies – Especially when they provide fantastic energy products.

The OTE Sports brand has been created for athletes and sports enthusiasts, especially cyclists.  The OTE range provides naturally flavoured energy products and recovery drinks which have been developed by experienced sports nutritionists and athletes.  It’s important to us when choosing a product that the people behind the brand know what they are talking about!

OTE are the official nutrition partners of the Lotto-Jumbo professional cycling team who also ride Bianchi bikes!

Product Highlights

We have a few products in the range which are our favourites and we know you will love them too.

Energy Gels:

Adding energy gels into your workout allows you to keep up your endurance and performance levels.  OTE energy gels provide 20.5g of carbohydrate, a vital requirement on longer rides to ensure your energy levels stay up.  The gels are available in blackcurrant, lemon & lime, orange and there is also a pineapple flavour which has added caffeine.

OTE Sports Energy Product Stockists Pennine Cycles

Energy Drink:

We recommend on any ride over an hour (less if you are riding at high intensity) to use energy drinks over water.  OTE energy drinks provide you with carbohydrates which fuels your muscles when you ride and electrolytes which help you to remain hydrated and replace vital minerals you lose when you sweat.  OTE energy drink is available in orange, blackcurrant, lemon & lime and vanilla.

OTE Sports Energy Product Stockists Pennine Cycles

Hydro Tabs:

OTE hydro tabs help to keep you hydrated by adding electrolyites including sodium, potassium and magnesium which you lose when you sweat.  Our favourite way to use the OTE hydro tabs is in a glass of water at the cafe stop.  These can also be used during the day when you are not exercising to ensure you are hydrated for your next ride.  The hydro tabs are available in lemon, blackcurrant and cherry cola.

OTE Sports Energy Product Stockists Pennine Cycles

Anytime Bars:

The OTE anytime bars are delicious!  They are perfect for when you need to eat food on top of your other energy products either before or during your ride for an additional carbohydrate boost.  They taste like homemade flapjack and we can’t help but eat them even when we’re not riding our bike as a healthier snack.  The OTE anytime bars are available in banana and caramel.

OTE Sports Energy Product Stockists Pennine Cycles

Protein Bar:

The OTE dark chocolate protein bar is ideal to eat post-bike ride to speed up muscle recovery.  The bar contains 22g of protein which helps your muscles to recover after a ride.  The OTE protein bar tastes so good you can also eat it anytime for a high protein snack!

For more information about OTE sports and how their products can be used while bike riding to create optimum performance call into our shop for advice or contact us.