At Pennine Cycles we were invited to the set of Emmerdale, ITV’s long running soap opera.  Emmerdale were doing some filming using our trio of Tour de France Pennine bikes and so Paul, Sandra, Caroline plus V.C.Bradford members Tim and Steve went along for the morning.

Pennine Cycles at Emmerdale

The Emmerdale outdoor set is based on the Harewood Estate in Leeds.  The filming takes place in The Village and this is where all the outdoor scenes are filmed, the indoor ones are done back in the ITV studios.  On the day, there was the filming of our bikes plus some outdoor filming of the Emmerdale characters.  All 5 of us were filmed the cyclists Paul, Tim and Steve were filmed chatting outside the cafe.  Then Caroline and Sandra were talking as they left the cafe.  All of the shots had our Pennine bikes in the fore or background.

Pennin Cycles at Emmerdale

Our Tour de France bikes are individually painted in honour for Le Tour which is coming to Yorkshire in July.

Pennine Cycles Tour de France Bikes

The scenes with our Pennine bikes and ourselves will be shown in the weeks leading up to the Tour de France, if you spot us please let us know.

Steve Ayres, VC Bradford Tim Curtis, VC Bradford

It was a great honour to be allowed on the set and we can’t wait to see how our bikes look on TV.  Caroline also wrote about the day on her blog.