On a sunny Monday morning we decided to take our yellow Tour de France Pennine bike on a ride.  We went along some of the roads which will be included on Stage 2 of the Tour de France when it arrives in Yorkshire!  To celebrate the Grand Depart we have made some special bikes which each represent the colours the leaders jerseys.  We have also been getting our customers with our Tour de France Lookbook! 



To start our ride we headed to Keighley and rode along the main road up to Crossroads.  After this we went to Haworth.  The riders will be going up the cobbled Main Street and so we did too! Although we had to weave through tourists and parked cars it should be ‘smoother’ for the peloton.  Haworth were really getting in the mood for Le Tour with lots of bunting and yellow all around.  We thought this was a good time to try our Go Pro camera and attached it to the bike, you can see some of our footage on the video!

The Tour de France Haworth
We then set off up to Oxenhope, probably the closest to our shop on the route.  Here we rode up to the tops where Bradford meets Calderdale.  We have watched the Tour of Britain here a few times and it is a great spot if you can get here!

Tour de France Oxenhope Tour de France Oxenhope The Yorkshire Moors


After a ride over the moors we stopped in Hebden Bridge.  There was Tour Fever in almost every shop – It really was great to see a whole town getting in the mood.  The last ride of the day was up Cragg Vale, the longest, continuous gradient in the UK.  They have it marked on the road how far you have left to climb, which is a nice touch (or not so nice depending on how your legs feel).  It was very peaceful at the top, it won’t be like that when the Tour de France arrives!

Cragg Vale, Tour de France Cragg Vale, Tour de France

Cragg Vale, Tour de France


All in all we had a fun day riding just some of the Tour de France route and making our video.  Our Managing Director, Paul,  who rode the yellow Pennine on the day was also fortunate to have ridden the whole of Stage 1 with Gary Verity from Welcome to Yorkshire last month too.

Stage 1 Tour de France


It really is a countdown now, it’s not long now until the Tour is here!

Where will you be watching stage 2?  Comment below!