Recently we were visited by Amjad Bashir the MEP for Yorkshire.  As as member of the European Parliament and also an ambassador for entrepreneurship and business we were delighted he took the time to visit our bike shop in Bradford.

One of the discussions we had was the importance of people supporting local businesses like ours.  Being originally from Bradford and even attending Thornton Grammar School, which is just up the road from us and having owned businesses himself, he understands how important small businesses are.

As a local bike shop we do our best to offer good customer service, to make our customers feel welcome and provide unparralled advice and information about cycling.  Of course, not everyone is looking for bespoke customer service but we would imagine many people are – They just don’t realise it is aways available!

A Unique Bike

Imagine leaving a bike shop with a bike which is unique to only you.  Every bike we sell leaves our shop looking different to the next – Even the bikes which are bought ‘off the peg’, we customise every bike we sell.  For us, this makes our service unique and not run of the mill.  It’s something we are proud of.  Our customers love there is no bike exactly like theirs riding the roads.  This is one of the reasons we were awarded a Bradford Means Business Award in 2015.

When we saw this shared by Amjad on twitter, it sums up everything we are doing.

Amjad Bashir Visits Pennine Cycles

Supporting local businesses and real bike shops like ourselves is something we value.  We are finding more and more people are getting fed up with buying on the internet at ‘larger’ stores and not really getting what they want.  We stock good quality products and brands which we would (and do) happily use ourselves.

Of course, over almost 70 years we have had to develop as a business and we are pleased to say our customers have always been at the centre of what we do. Earlier this month Paul and Sandra celebrated owning Pennine Cycles for 16 years, so thank you once again for your support and thanks to Amjad for taking the time to visit us.