As a business, we were founded on the 6th July 1946.  This means today we have been trading for 71 years – Time flies when you’re having fun!

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Originally we were called Whitaker and Mappleback (cycles) Ltd, this is still our official name today although we have been trading as Pennine Cycles since the 1950’s.

July in 1946 was a strange time for post-war Britain and 2 friends Johnny Mapplebeck and Geoff Whitaker returned from the war, coming back to Bradford.  Whilst stationed in Italy they had fallen in love with the sexy Italian bicycle and didn’t want to return to their old pre-war jobs.  As luck would have it, their old boss didn’t want them back either.  So with a small loan, the Bradford bike shop was opened.

There are lots of stories about the shop over the years, people came and went but the love for cycling has always remained the same.  Not only did the friends start to sell bikes and accessories they also began making framesets.  Again, these were first called Whitaker and Mappleback and later the Pennine brand was born.

It’s wonderful we still have bikes made during the 50’s and 60’s coming back into our shop for renovation.

Johnny continued to be the director of the shop until 2000 when he was 80 years old.  At this point, he decided to retire and move to Canada to live with his daughter Barbara.  Barbara had been a great rider herself as a youngster but that’s a story for another day.

It was at this time Paul who had been managing the business for a number of years and his wife Sandra bought Pennine Cycles.  Their aim was simple, to continue the love of cycling for years to come.

Pennine Cycles

We are proud of our great history both in the cycling industry and as a Bradford business.

What are your great memories of Pennine Cycles over the last 71 years?  Share one of them below in the comments!