You may recall last year our Director, Sandra, took part in a blogging challenge.  Well, she’s back again to complete the Trigger Your Blog blogging challenge.

My name is Sandra and I’ve been involved with cycling since my early 20s.   I have owned Pennine Cycles, where we manufacture the world famous Pennine brand, for over 17 years. It’s a great British brand.

Sandra Corcoran Pennine Cycles

I am passionate about all things cycling.

When I was a child, probably around 10, I remember my first 3 gear, second-hand bicycle arrived.  I remember cycling to local places with my friend Dorothy sat on the seat and me pedalling. We had so much fun!

Then in my mid 20’s, I was introduced to cyclo-cross and supported, cheered and cleaned muddy bicycles at races for around 20 years, travelling up and down the UK and also to races in Belgium, France, Austria, Majorca, Spain and Hawaii. I was the cycling fan.

Sandra Corcoran Pennine Cycles

I later accepted a challenge that if I would ride the guy would dance!  And so eventually I rode a bike, he danced and we are now married and own the bike shop together.

I never dreamt I would own a bicycle business and be a business woman as I’d worked in corporate until early 2000. I am passionate about cycling and the world of business and helping people enjoy cycling and also people who want to start their own business.

Sandra Corcoran Pennine Cycles

So it’s lovely to connect through the Trigger Your Blog challenge. This is a new 9-day adventure for me, isn’t it great? 😎💙🚲