Wigan Wheelers 10

Saturday was my first open 10 event, the Wigan Wheelers 10 near Garstang between Preston and Lancashire.

In all honesty I really prefer the slightly longer events, but with a weekend of childcare (not mine!) on the cards it was a case of what was happening at a time I could go. As it turned out I was glad I did enter, as much for the conversations after as the ride itself. There was a full field of 120 riders, which is the largest field I’ve seen in my limited experience. Within it were come pretty notable pros/quick folk, such as Hugh Carthy (Rapha Condor JLT), James Gullen (Velosure-Giordana RT) and Jason Bateman (Pendle Forest CC).

The course was as simple as the come! Straight to the motorway roundabout along the A6, round that and back to a location a few hundred yards further along than the start.


Given the simplicity and relatively flat nature of the course it should be a pretty quick one and I’m sure it generally is, but again the wind wasn’t on our side and there was a pretty strong cross/tail wind going out and cross/head wind coming back. A lot of riders were saying they were struggling controlling their bikes at times.

My ride went reasonably well, but I need to work on my pacing, even in these shorter events. I was keen to make use of what tailwind there was going out and undoubtedly overdid it a little, as although the return leg was always going to be slower I toiled a little more than I should and my concentration drifted a little, which retrospectively I’m a little annoyed about.

I ended with a time of 22:21. I had hoped to go under 22 really, but with the windy conditions and the fact that there’s a long season to go it wasn’t so bad! When I left Jason Bateman (Pendle Forest CC) was leading with something in the region of 20:50, but although the full results haven’t yet been posted I later heard that Hugh Carthy (Rapha Condor JLT) won the event overall.

After my ride I chatted at length to some more experienced riders and picked up some great tips that I will definitely be trying in future races. The ease and friendly nature of these post-ride chats is something that I’ve really enjoyed with the time-trialling this year.

Link to Strava ride here.