Saturday was my second 50 mile TT (first one here), so it’s fair to say that I’m a complete expert at them now! Right?

The event was the Yorkshire Road Club 50 on the V259/1 course, which runs Thirsk > Ellerbeck >Topcliffe > Ellerbeck > Thirsk along the A186 and A19. The course is (I would say) a fair bit slower than the T502/2 that I did previously, as although it covers similar ground there are more turns on this course and the one at Ellerbeck is quite long and a bit of a bone shaker!

There’s no doubt that the course would benefit from a slight southerly wind as this would push you up the long(ish) drag as you go past Thirsk and transition from the A168 to the A19 which you do twice. Unfortunately, there was a northerly of about 7-8mph, which made the drag tough work, especially second time around. Other than that the conditions were not bad; there was a threat for some light rain at one point, but it didn’t come to anything. It’s been nice to have a few dry races recently, as I got a good few soakings earlier in the season.

There was a pretty strong field out and on the day Adam Duggleby (Wheelbase Altura) returned and impressive 1:42:59 to win the event, Mark Arnold (CC Desiragear) was second home with 1:43:51 and Mark Wolstenholme (Team Swift) was third with 1:45:54. I returned home in 1:52:34, some 4 minutes slower than my first effort, but I was pleased to scrape a top 10 in a strong field. Notably my power was a fair bit higher than in the last one. It was notable looking at Adam’s ride how much time he took out of me along the tough upward drag.

Many thanks to Yorkshire Road Club for the promotion and effort of all those involved; one thing I noted particularly on this event was the number of people by the side of the road cheering and giving support. That really is a great help when you’re struggling along!

Three more TT’s for me left now; all of which are 25’s, so hopefully at least one of those will yield a PB J

Strava action here.

Full Results

[table width=”80%” align=”center”]


1,Adam Duggleby,Wheelbase Altura,S,01:42:59
2,Mark Arnold,CC Desiragear,A,01:43:51
3,Mark Wolstenholme,Team Swift,S,01:45:54
4,Blaine Metcalfe,Team Swift,S,01:48:51
5,Blair Buss,Team Swift,A,01:50:05
6,Andrew Askwith,Bridlington CC,A,01:50:15
7,Thomas Denwood,Harrogate Nova,S,01:50:47
8,Anthony Gill,Pedalsport CC,A,01:51:09
9,Doug Hart,Ilkley CC,A,01:51:17
10,Stephen Ayres,VC Bradford,S,01:52:34
11,Paul McDonald,Yorkshire RC,A,01:52:46
12,Paul Taylor,North Lancs RC,A,01:54:36
13,Angus Wilson,Deeside Thistle,A,01:54:50
14,Nicholas Percy,RN & RM,A,01:55:11
15,Jim Trevor,Hull Thursday RC,A,01:55:19
16,Tim Howcroft,Otley CC,A,01:55:23
17,Matthew Wilde,Huddersfield Star,S,01:56:07
18,Gavin McIntosh,Albarosa CC,A,01:56:18
19,Stephen Mooring,Yorkshire RC,A,01:56:44
20,Greg Lewis,VC 10,A,01:57:35
21,Rob Dickinson,Clitheroe BC,A,01:59:03
22,Richard Sheldrake,Lincoln Wheelers,A,01:59:21
23,Chris Harris,Holme Valley Whs,A,01:59:33
24,David Leckenby,Ilkley CC,A,01:59:48
25,Lee Cairns,Team Swift,A,01:59:50
26,James Cullen,Otley CC,A,02:00:56
27,Ian Peacock,Harrogate Nova CC,B,02:00:58
28,Karen Taylor,East Bradford CC,W,02:03:20
29,Roy Burne,Team Swift,A,02:03:40
30,Mike Shacklock,Yorkshire RC,C,02:05:56
31,Stephen Moorhouse,Nelson Wheelers,A,02:06:17
32,Joe Varga,City RC (Hull),J,02:07:09
33,Paul Brierley,Huddersfield RC,A,02:07:20
34,Mark Lansdown,Albarosa CC,A,02:08:03
35,Mike Potter,Scarborough Paragon,A,02:08:07
36,David Percival,Team Swift,S,02:08:46
37,Jeff Belt,Stockton Wheelers,A,02:09:46
38,John Murphy,Gloucester City,C,02:10:35
39,Cliff Beldon,Team Swift,B,02:12:30
40,Bob Awcock,Coventry RC,C,02:13:11
41,Mike Cole,Huddersfield RC,B,02:13:20
42,Richard Leake,Leeds & Bradford TC,A,02:13:42
43,Michael Hutchings,Harrogate Nova CC,A,02:14:37
44,Matthew Asquith,East Bradford CC,A,02:15:44
45,John Baines,Yorkshire RC,C,02:16:26
46,Sheldon Howcroft,Otley CC,A,02:16:28
47,Sharon Clifford,Coventry RC,W,02:20:07
48,Clive Boothman,Ilkley CC,B,02:27:29
49,Alan Sides,Rotherham Wheelers,C,02:35:11
,Keith Richardson,Leeds Westfield CC,C,DNF
,Gary Rhodes,Drighlington BC,A,APOL
,Robert Tate,Leeds Westfield CC,C,APOL
,Graham Barker,Rockingham CC,B,APOL
,David Robinson,Tyneside Vagabonds,A,APOL
,Duncan Mullier,Harrogate Nova,A,APOL
,Emma Coldwell,Team Vertex,W,APOL
,Michael Schofield,Clifton CC,A,APOL
,Paul King,Verulam CC,A,APOL
,James Stovold,Clifton CC,S,DNS
,Peter Yates,Otley CC,C,DNS
,Andrew Callaghan,Calder Clarion,A,DNS
,Andrea Pogson,Gala CC,W,DNS
,Suzanne Robinson,VC 10,W,DNS
,Austin Foy,North Lancs RC,S,DNS
,Dave Pitt,Charlottville CC,B,DNS
,Mick Storey,Scarborough Paragon,B,DNS