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We are an independent bicycle retailer.  A proper bike shop.

We envision a world where every person enjoys the freedom of riding on the open road.

Our shop is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.  We adore our customers, cycling, family, keeping fit and our cycling heritage.

Our mission is to ensure cyclists have fun on their bike.

Paul and Sandra Corcoran Pennine Cycles

What are some of the ways you carry out your mission?

Cycling is our passion.  We love to share our enthusiasm with customers.  Over the years we have gained many different experiences whilst cycling, watching the professionals and by learning ourselves.  We put time aside to put you first by sharing our stories and listening to yours.

The rules.  We teach, follow and sometimes break the cycling rules.  These are not just on the road, they include how your bike should look, what you should wear and how to keep your bike safe and clean!

Caring is key.  We care about cycling and we want to ensure you have an enjoyable ride.  To begin with we always make sure your bike will fit you and to keep you safe we give you a free first service on your new bike and throw in a new water bottle too.

Making you look good.  We stay ahead of current cycling trends to make sure you look your best.  Cycling has its own fashion and we keep you great with top bikes and accessories.

One of a kind.  None of our bikes leave the shop looking the same.  We add extra finishing touches which you will struggle to find elsewhere.  You are unique and we believe your bike should be too.

Friends around the world.  Our bikes and cycling community are all over the world.  We can send anything from any of our brands to you no matter where you are.

British built.  We are proud to continue to make our 'Pennine' frames on our premises.  These are handbuilt, steel road frames which are made with cycling love and experience.

Who We Are

After the war in 1946 Johnny Mapplebeck and Geoff Whitaker came home to Bradford and wanted more than to return to their old jobs, they had fallen in love with cycling in Italy and decided to open their own bike shop. That is when Whitaker and Mapplebeck (cycles) Limited was born.  At this time they began to build their own steel frames and during the 1950's they created the 'Pennine' brand of frames.   Soon after they began trading under Pennine Cycles.  Over the years the cycling industry changed and Pennine Cycles evolved.  Johnny owned and worked in the bike shop until he was 80 when he finally decided to retire (Geoff had left the business many years before).  Ever the adventurer Johnny emigrated to Canada and began a new life there.  It was at this time Paul, who was manager of the business, and his wife Sandra bought Pennine Cycles.

Paul Corcoran Managing Director of Pennine Cycles

Paul Corcoran - Managing Director - Born and raised in Leeds, Paul sold his car when he was 20 years old and bought a Pennine bike to commute to work and get fit, it was here his love of cycling began.  Paul started to work in Pennine Cycles, initially he helped out when they were busy, until Johnny asked him to manage the business.  He said yes and now he owns his own bike shop.  Paul has best the job in the world doing what he loves everyday.

Paul has a wealth of knowledge on anything and everything cycling related.  His passion is encouraging others, no matter their current level, to get riding.  He always makes sure you are on the right bike with the correct equipment to make it the most enjoyable ride for you.

Sandra Corcoran Director of Pennine Cycles

Sandra Corcoran - Director - Bradford lass Sandra has always had a passion for cycling.  Having spent time following and supporting cyclists she never imagined one day she would own a bike shop.  Having worked for most of her career with local government owning her own business was a happy change.

Sandra is an entrepreneur and also owns her own health and wellness business.  She wants to help people get fit, healthy and feel good about themselves.  She also mentors people to start their own businesses and is a motivational speaker.

How can I get in touch with you?  

If there is anything we can do to help your cycling love then let us know!  Our email is info@penninecycles.com and telephone number +44(0)1274 881030.  Our office hours are Tuesday - Saturday (10am - 6pm), we always strive to respond within 48 hours.

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